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Friday, November 30th, 2007

So I haven’t been out nearly as much as I should, but rest is a good thing too, right?  Actually, we’ve just been busy, busy in the evenings, doing all of those holiday planning things, as well as cleaning the house, grocery shopping, etc.  So, not too surprised that I haven’t been out.

Monday got in crunches and push-ups.  Tuesday did the same. Wednesday night finally got out to run.  Granted it was 10pm, but hey whatever works.  Got in a strong 3.9 miles.  Great night run.  Quiet, cool, not too much wind, no traffic.  Got an odd look from a cop that passed me.

Last night did crunches and push-ups and was planning on running, but didn’t finish cleaning until 10:30pm, so decided to punt.  Didn’t run this am either.

I’m aiming for 10+ tomorrow bright and early.

Turkey day and surrounding festivities

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  We had a houseful and even more visitors in town.  We hosted Thanksgiving this year and G&A were baptized on Sunday.  Quite a great time of celebration.  But man is it tiring.  Ended up cooking less than what I was expecting to as sisters-in-law and moms came to the rescu.  Still made 2 pies, 2 birds and green bean casserole.  Roasted one bird in the oven with stuffing.  Marinated and grilled the other.  Both turned out tasty.  I like the grilled bird a whole lot more.  You can’t beat bird cooked over an open flame.

Knew it would be tough impossible getting a long run in this weekend, and that there was way too much good food floating around the house, so Turkey day am got up around 7:30 and actually ran out to get coffee as the shipment from Peets hadn’t made it in yet.  Turned that into 7.2 miles.  Averaged 9:20 and did the last 2 in sub 9 min/miles.  It was cold.  The low Wed night was around 26F and it was still frigid with a strong North wind blowing in.  Great run.  No traffic and no one else out there.

On Friday most of the crew went down to Pauls Valley to visit the pig farm in the afternoon, so I headed out again.  Got in just over 4.5 miles.  Again cold and windy.

Saturday didn’t run, but walked about 4 miles or so going to tailgating and Bedlam.  Great game and good to see Dave and Steph.   Thanks for the ticket and invite.  Boomer Sooner, lets beat Mizzou.

Last night did crunches and pushups. Good news is I didn’t gain anything over the long weekend.  Was able to hold steady.

Basketball & 2.3

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Tuesdays have become my basketball night once again, so long as I can help get the kids down before I leave.  Which (knock on wood) has been happening.  So last night got the kiddos down and was there in time to shoot for teams.  Played 3 games in just over an hour.  No one wanted to play another, and I felt like I still had some in me.

So I decided to head out for a quick run.  Put in 2.3 miles.  The last mile or so was not so fun.  I apparently had sprinted enough for the evening and my legs felt like lead.  And the cold front decided to come in a few hours early and so the last mile which was due north into the incoming front sucked.  The only plus side was that the cold air felt good. Finished up in time to get home to cut the animals nails before giving the kiddos showers.


Tuesday, November 20th, 2007


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My tagger? Big Bro

5 Facts:

1. I was born in Austin, TX, but only lived there for 2 months, before returning later in life. I still consider Austin my hometown.

2. I piled up 194 hours of credit at two undergraduate schools (Centenary College and University of Louisiana at Lafayette) prior to graduating with one major and not minor. Took a while to figure out what I thought I wanted to do and then there were just so many interesting classes. Guess this is why I won’t will try to understand if G or A takes a year off after high school to figure things out.

3. I’m a huge fan of the Sooners, but will cheer on Texas any Saturday in the fall except that celebrated second Saturday in October. This stems from having a Grandfather who worked at UT for many, many years, a mother who attended UT, a wife with a Masters from there, and cheering for them, at least until they were the only law school from which denied my application.

4. I’m an avid whitewater paddler, mainly kayak, but some open boat as well. I try to get away to the rivers as often as is possible, but that is quite tricky. While I love the sport, it is a very frustrating endeavor to be involved in such a rain and weather dependent activity. Great Organization.

5. I love to cook and do a majority of the cooking for our household. I love to try new recipes and cooking styles and many days have the Food Network on my office tv in the background for the off chance of seeing something interesting to try. I love involved cooking, and not necessarily recipes that are the quickest. Point in fact, last week I made green bean casserole with homemade mushroom soup instead of out of a can. And I try to make all my own pie crusts.

My Tagees: A Walk, RivenDri, Cousin Kerstin, & the Bailies.

Weekend runs

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Good weekend.  Got up bright and early Saturday morning for a long run.  Was going to be on my own and wasn’t looking forward to it.  Wanted to hit double digits as that is the goal for long runs leading up to OKC.  So I set off and it was actually a pretty good run.  Headed out past the new stores in Norman that were built within the last year and a half.  The stretch of road they were built on used to be empty fields with little to no traffic for 2.5 miles.  So it was a great place to run and bike.  Being as I was up prior to the stores opening, there was still little traffic, but there was a ton more than there used to be.  My right hamstring began tightening up around mile 5.  Stopped and stretched it out, but it was tight the rest of the way.  Finished with 10.2 miles, walking the last .2 miles to cool down.  Ran with the forerunner to keep splits and kept them fairly even keel, fastest was 9:05 and slowest was 9:38/mile.

Ran past an odd phenomenon.  The medical center I ran past was having a drive-up flu shot clinic.  There were probably 100 cars in line, waiting to move up and get their shot.  I’m personally all for flu shots having gotten the flu 3 years ago and suffering for darn near 2 weeks.  It was the worst sickness I’ve ever had and I’ll gladly take the 1-2 days of after-affects from the shot.  But come on.  Sitting in a parking lot with the car running (for the majority, it was in the low 50’s after all and we need heat) for who knows how long to pull forward, instead of parking in a lot, not running the car, and walking 100 feet into a sterile (relatively) environment to wait for and get a shot.  Really?  We can’t get out of the car now?  The really sad part was that in the nearly 5 minutes that the situs was in my field of vision, I saw not one car pull out after receiving their shot, even with 2 lines of cars getting service at the same time.

Sunday I was still feeling a little tight so decided to run some of it out.  Went out for a quick 3.7 miles prior to dinner.  The first 1.5 were rough, one of those where I could feel every step and my legs felt like stone.  Capped it off with 1.5 mile walk with Carrie, G&A, Nana, Pop and the dogs.


Friday, November 16th, 2007

So my little running buddy is a bit under the weather and has been sitting out most of my recent runs.  It started a few weeks ago when Boomer wasn’t keeping up pulling in front of me like usual.  Then he started limping a bit.  Now he is very tender in his rear left hip and yelps like mad if you touch it.  He also has resisted jumping up on our bed even when given the opportunity.

Our vet and running buddy D thinks it is probably hip dysplasia and he has had it since birth, but it is now getting to him.  She said he has some atrophy in his left leg muscle which is also a sign. He’ll be x-rayed next week to see for sure.  We’ll start with glucosamine today and hope that he gets some of the soreness out.  Prognosis is not great, but he should be able to go out for walks and short runs once it begins to feel a little better.

Here’s to man’s best friend, and my running bud Boom.

Strong 4.6

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Stayed true to my desire to run last night.  We had a nice cold front roll through Wed. night and it was cool all day Thurs.  By 7:15pm it was a beautiful evening.  No clouds in the sky, no breeze.  I felt good with fresh legs from a day off and decided to go a little farther than normal.  Ended up with 4.6 miles.  Had a could of good tempo stretches mixed in.

Afterward, loved watching the Ducks get squashed by Arizona.  Thanks Mike Stoops for helping brother Bob out.

On another note, today is OK’s 100th B-day bash.  Happy Birthday Sooner state, and many more to come.


Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Tuesday night got out for a rousing game of b-ball. The church was booked, so we headed to a local park that has lights to get our game on.  There is such a difference playing at the park (outside on concrete with old all metal backboards and rims) v. at the church (indoors on sporting-type carpet, with nice glass backboards).  Plus we had winds in the 20-25 mph range.  Still a great evening.  3 games, 11point-win by 2, and my team won 2 of 3.  Should have won the last, but got lazy.

Last night was the all church Thanksgiving Dinner.  Good food, with great friends, but ate too much and didn’t feel like running afterward.  But did crunches and push-ups to offset some of the calories.

Tonight I run.


Monday, November 12th, 2007

Friday night I needed to test the legs and run out some of the flu shot.  This year’s was not nearly as bad as the last two years.  Didn’t really have much of the side effects.  Just a little joint pain and some sore throat, but was pretty well over it by Friday evening.  The kiddos spent the afternoon sleeping on the couch in my office.  Afterward, they got passed around the office for a while and were worn out by the evening and went down relatively well.  Went for an unspectacular 3 miler.

Agreed to run with A&D on Saturday am.  We left at 7am sharp.  It was misting and very much overcast.  Not terribly cold when we headed out.  As we proceeded and ran through a few wet spots and the feet got damp and then wet, and the wind picked up it was a tad chilly.  We ran around Norman and didn’t encounter much by means of hills, but I was beat.  I turned for the car a little over 8 miles into it and still had 2.75 give or take.  It was a pretty rough finish.  It was straight into a head wind, and it felt to be getting colder.  Ended up stopping in a circle K with .75 left to get some poweraid as I was out of water and gu.  That gave a much needed boost and I finished strong.  Finished with 11.5 miles.  So for the record I ran more than a half marathon in less than a 12 hour turnaround.

It was amazing how much more difficult it was to run on my own after 8 great miles with A&D.  Must have something to do with not wanting to be the weak link.  But I didn’t have much left in the tank when I turned toward home.  Guess you could say they ran my pants off.

Immediately afterward I had an “active recovery” game of golf with a friend.  Walked 18 holes and actually played well after the first 4 holes.  And the clouds broke and the sun came out and it got warm.  Actually wished I had shorts on.

Sunday was a work day around the house.  Cleaned the garage to be able to pull my car in while Carrie cleaned the inside.  Afterward washed and waxed the cars.  They shine now.

3.4 miles

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Got a chance to sneak out and get the dog good and tired for the evening.  It was another beautiful evening.  Mid 40’s, not a cloud in the sky, and very still.  Also there was very little traffic, even on the major streets I ran across.  Don’t know time, but really pushed it the last mile or so and was huffing and puffing after the pushed tempo.

Today-flu shot.  Will see how I feel once I get home.  Don’t really want to push it too hard as I’ve been a little tired and congested lately.