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Prognosis so-so

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

So the MRI came back clean as to meniscus issues, no tears and it looked to be in excellent shape and plenty of padding in there.   Also had no issues with ligaments.  It did reveal some roughness on the rear of the kneecap, which is the presumed cause of the knee pain.  He said that there were no hairline fractures of the kneecap, which is also a bonus.  He said that the MRI doesn’t really give a good look at how deep the roughness was, however.  He did say that there could also be roughness on the cartilage on the underside of the femur which could also be adding to the pain.  He said the only real treatment is to scope it and smooth it out.

However, he wants me to slowly get back into running to see if I can tolerate it and get more mileage before needing a scope.  So, he prescribed new shoes, low miles to get back in, and nothing too fast/long for a while.  He suggested keeping up with the cross-training, and getting on the bike to get more exercise without the strain on the knee.  He did say that when the pain returned, or became too much to bear, he would suggest a scope, but wants to put it off as long as possible which I think is a good plan of attack.

So, what now.  Who knows.  I’ll be looking for a new pair of cushioning/stability shoes.  Thinking of sticking with the Brooks Beast which have been the most supportive, but are just so stinking heavy.  Want to check out the new Pearl stability shoes.  Then back to baby mileage for a while and slowly build up the distance.  But bottom line is I’ll see you back on the road.

7 Months, belated issue

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

It has been very busy around the house lately. No time to sit still at all. And very little time to write. Sorry kiddos.

You both have had a good month this past month. George is getting very strong and Abigail is so very close to crawling. Geo is now standing up holding onto the side of the exersaucer just smiling and trying to grab Abigail. And your head and trunk strength is getting better every day. Abs is getting up on all fours and getting quite adept at rolling from place to place. You have even begun scooting backward. It is not long until you are moving around on all fours.

The big news for the month is that Abs got her first two teeth. Both are on the bottom at the front. George also was the first to get double ear infections. We only knew about them as he was running a temp. No screaming or acting hurt, just a high fever that wouldn’t go away. After a week, Abs began crying and fussing a lot and began running the same high fever, so we went back to the Dr. and she had an ear infection as well, plus Goe’s had survived the 1st round of antibiotics. There were a couple of very long nights mixed in.

This month also included the mixed emotions of saying see ya later to Uncle Rashawn, Aunt Ne-Ne and Reba-Grace as they headed out to Reston, VA for a new job.

This month, we also made another trip to Shreveport to meet the Roberts family at Mad’s 1st B-day party. Also got to see the Gibson clan and introduce you to them while enjoying some great Strawn’s breakfast.

We also had a visit from Grammy for nearly a week as she came to our rescue as your nanny was out for a few weeks. We had a great time, and you two loved all of the extra attention.

That’s it for this month. Next month we’ll try to get back on time and more indepth.




Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

So I actually went for a run Saturday afternoon.  Felt great to be out again.  Not pain-free, but definitely not the old pain.  Still feeling it in the back of my knee.  Had the MRI this morning bright and early.  Luckily it was the open air kind and I wasn’t slide into a tube.  They even piped in radio over some headphones for me.  Not bad at all.

Been to the Y the last 2 days.  Yesterday was 30 min of bike followed by 2 X 250M free and 2 X 100M breast.  Felt nice, but forced to be back in the water.  This afternoon spent lunch at the downtown Y.  20 min on the elliptical and 25 min on the bike.  Was going to run outside followed by a swim, but there have been severe storms all day and the pool was closed.

Follow-Up w/ Ortho & Strep, Oh My

Friday, April 4th, 2008

So this week was shot as far as exercise goes.  Woke up Saturday am with an itchy throat, which seemed to get worse overnight and by Monday I was ready to head to the Doc.  Went in and confirmed I had strep throat.  Got some antibiotics and some great gargle with numbing properties, similar to the stuff the Dentist sprays in your mouth to numb it before giving the big shots.  Good stuff.  Took all day off from work on Tuesday.  I’m feeling better, but still not 100%.  Was going to out (run, as in actually outside) this morning, but it was 38F and my throat was scratchy when I got up at 6am, so I went back to bed.  One more day won’t do anymore damage.

Went back to the Ortho yesterday, as I’m still having pain in the back of my knee.  He looked at it manipulated it and ordered an MRI.  Got off the phone with the MRI lab not long ago and am set to see them next Wed.  The Doc did say that since taking it easy for 3 weeks, especially with the anti-inflammatory, didn’t clear it up, something is wrong in the knee which only the MRI would be able to locate, absent getting in there with a scope, which is the next logical step if the MRI finds something.  But he did say to get back out and try running to see if the old pain returns in full (all the way up the inner thigh), or if it stays in the back of the knee.