Back at it

December 1st, 2009

Finally did a cardio work-out for the first time since August. At least one that didn’t involve crutches and simply moving from point A to point B. We got back from TX yesterday, and I just felt the need to move, so I headed to the Y for a swim. Felt great to be moving, but geez am I out of shape. Pushed very hard, and was able to eek out 575 meters before I thought my arms and legs were going to fall off. But I’m back.

On another note, not only am I out of shape, but from the date of surgery, I’m up to 211 (5 lbs more than pre-surgery). Not too bad for 8 weeks of no walking, but not where I want to be.


June 9th, 2009

So, I’m not committed to any tri yet, but have been feeling the drive to get ready for one.  So, I’ve been trying to get multiple activities in lately.  In the last week, I’ve added yoga and paddling to the mix.

Yesterday I started the week out right with a pre-work swim (500 free and 300 breast).  Followed it up with a very warm 5 miler at lunch (thankfully, some of the humidity has blown away).  Finished off with a near 2 mile walk with the fam before bed-time.

Good runs

May 20th, 2009

Skipped a run on Monday to get some recovery from the weekend.  Last night got in a 3.5 miler after the kiddos were down, and the dog had been to see Dr. M for some vaccinations and heartworm meds.  It was a perfect night for a run with temps in the upper 60’s and no wind/clouds to speak of.  Good stuff.

Followed that by a great lunch run today.  Nice and sunny, mid 70’s, so glad I remembered to lather up the scalp with sunscreen this am.  Finished with a little over 4.5 miles.  Great run, missed most traffic around downtown.

Busy with travel the next few days, so don’t know if I’ll get any runs in.  But packing the shoes to see if it works.

1st Brick

May 17th, 2009

This weekend was the first in a long time to not be full of office work and/or travel.  So, I took full advantage of it.  Saturday am I spent a few hours safety boating for the Chesapeake Boathouse International triathlon.  The 2 waves I got to watch/work were the elite Juniors girls and elite junior guys.  I was extremely impressed with the competition which haled from all over the world, and probably includes a few future Olympians.  They flew through the swim course on a very windy and choppy day.  Between flights I was able to watch a few bike loops, and see all the girls get out on the run course.  They were extremely good, and fun to watch.  Definitely got me amped to get my tri on.

Worked around the house the rest of the day, and after the kiddos went down, hit the bike to chase the remaining minutes of light.  Ended up getting in 13 miles in 45 minutes.  Not the fastest, but I hit all sorts of graduation traffic, and haven’t been on the bike in months.  Followed that up with a 2 miler with the pup.  Slept well after that.

Today, did yard work all day, and just capped off the night with a 3.5 miler.  Good start to the week.

Run and stupid Nano

May 13th, 2009

So, I had a good run this evening.  Took the dog for a walk first as he is nursing a sore paw from a run last week.  He did great on the 1 mile trek.  Then took off, and put in around 3.5 miles.  It was warm and humid, and I was definitely feeling the 2 hours of basketball last night.  Temp was in the mid 80’s and tons of moisture from the recent and soon to be rains.  I started cracking around 3 miles though.  Not used to the heat yet.

Bad news is that I think the ipod nano has crapped out.  It is rarely picked up by the computer when connected, and rarely turns on.  It only comes on occassionally if the toggle switch is turned on and left on for multiple hours, and then only sometimes.  It is definitely out of warranty, but when it was in warranty, apple wante $39 to look at it.  As it was only worth about 70 refurb I passed.  Kicker is I just bought a new sensor, and really like the nike+ system.  Anyone know where to find a nike + sport band for a decent price.  Seen them on ebay, but at outrageous prices.  Or does the iphone have the built in sensor compatibility like the itouch.  I’m needing a new phone from att mid nov, so that would bolster the case for the iphone that much more.

Working on the Weekend

April 13th, 2009

We had a busy weekend around the house.  No actual “exercise” was performed, but I was sorer Saturday night than I have been a a long time.  From Friday through Sunday paint was applied (5 coats for those keeing score); the “old half” of the garden was turned, had compost added, raked, and planted (leeks, carrots, kale, peas, artichokes, sweet peppers, black beans and cantaloupes); and Easter eggs were hunted (once on Saturday and once on Sunday).

Brought the running clothes and so long as the rain holds off this afternoon, I’ll have a decen lunch run.  Good cool temps in town after a cold front came through.

Newsletter: 19 Months

April 6th, 2009

It has been a while since I’ve written.  Needless to say a lot has been going on in your development.  You are both very active, starting to run everywhere, dancing whenever music comes on, and climbing on everything. You both can climb up onto the couches and chairs in the house by yourself, but sometimes you’re better at it than others.  Once upon the furniture, you both have begun exerting your independence by standing up, even after Mommy or I remind you to stay on your bottom, usually with big grins from ear to ear.

You are both becoming very independent when it comes to eating.  You can feed yourselves with spoons and forks, and are getting to the point where you only want to use the regular folks, not the plastic toddler forks. It seems they are easier to use, especially when trying to spear foods.

The past month held your first trip away from me.  We all headed down to Houston to see the Morris’ and Nana and Pop who drove in for the weekend, as well as Uncle Brad.  We stopped in Dallas for a wonderful dinner with the Friesens, and pulled into H-town well after midnight.  Abs started the weekend off right Saturday morning by spewing vomit all over the breakfast table while George and I slept in.  This continued, and turned into explosions from the other side by both G and A by the Monday.  I flew back to OKC on Monday am, so Mommy and the Morris’ got to enjoy the explosions without me.  They continued for the rest of the week, even at Grammy and Grandpa’s house where you and Mommy headed before Grammy rode back up to OKC with you on the next Saturday.  Needless to say, Mommy was exhausted by the time you got back home.

You are definitely at a fun age, able to express about 30 words each, and being very mobile.  Some of your favorite activities are going to the park to climb the equipment and go down the slide, watching Elmo, and playing outside.  Luckily it is beginning to warm up, and we are able to get outside.  It should be a fun summer.



B-Ball and Swim

March 5th, 2009

Tues night was a rousing night of basketball.  We had a good turn out, enough for 5 on 5 with 2 subs.  Played for nearly 2 hours.  Left exhausted.

This morning finally drug myself out of bed and to the Y for a swim before work.  Good workout of 3 x 250m free and 3 x 100m breast.  Nothing to write home about, but felt good to use the arm muscles, and be back over 1km for a swim.

Thinking about doing a triathlon this summer.  Can’t decide betweeen a local one, or one back in the ‘Port.  The one here looks a little more challenging, while the ‘Port one may be a better beginner tri.

Let’s try this thing Again

March 2nd, 2009

Sorry for the delay in writing.  Things have been crazy busy around the office and at the house.  3 weeks of RSV and the related ickies can do that.

Haven’t really been running all that much lately, but am looking to reincorporate a daily routine.  Also have given up diet cokes and sweets for Lent.  Hopefully will be able to continue for a long time after as well.  Hasn’t been too bad, with the exception being the first day, which just so happened to be Birthday Cake day at the office (and we generally have great cakes).  Didn’t even go to the celebration to help the resistance.

I’ll end with today’s run.  4.75 miles in 41 minutes.  Felt great, but probably the last run in the 40’s for a while.

3 days in a row

January 23rd, 2009

The end of the work week has been great.  Got out of bed, somewhat late,  but with A waking up between 2 and 5 am every day, just getting up early enough to workout was a victory.

Wed, got in a good swim at the Y.  The legs were recovering from B-ball the night before, so I skipped the running.  Did 3 x 250m free and 3 x 100m breast, breaking 1km for the first time in a long time.

Thurs, up a little earlier, so pushed in a 3.9 mile run, followed by 2 x 300m free and 2x 100 m breast.  Felt great.

This am slept in a little, but still put in 3 x 250m free and 3 x 100m breast.  Feel great and looking forward to 10 miles or so tomorrow morning.  Going to try to hold back on the speed and focus on the mileage and finishing an even paced run.