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Back in the Swing of things

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Wow, its a Monday, early afternoon, and I’ve already run and done some ab and shoulder work.  Woo-hoo!  This morning was one of those that allow summer to be bearable.  On my way to the Y by 6:20 and showing 64F on the temp gauge.  Can’t hope for better weather, and it was clear with a gentle breeze from time to time.  Couldn’t help but be excited by the rising sun and glistening dew.  Put in 4.3 miles in a little over 39 min.  But everything felt good.  Followed up with some crunches, chin-ups and dips.

Funny scene as I was apporaching the Y.  There were 2 huge jackrabbits that were flying across the field and about 75 yards behind and losing ground was a standard poodle, followed shortly by an english pointer.  The Y sits on the site of the old naval airfield and is complete with a couple hundred acres of empty fields.  As I was about 1.5 mi into the run, the pointer came back across the field and hopped up into its owner’s truck.  No idea where the poodle was.

On another note, harvested the first of a hopeful crop of zucchinis.  It is a very nice footlong specimen with a girth near 3.5 inches.  Can’t wait to grill it up.  Pics to come on the other site.

Good Run

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Finally got back out for a run this weekend,  Ran from the house to meet Carrie, G&A at Target for some groceries.  Left in the heat of the day around 12 noon.  Got in a solid 3.5 miles.  Felt really good.  Wished I had taken some water with me though as I was extremely parched when I arrived.  No pain, and actually had decent time, around 9:15/mile.   Can’t wait to get some more miles under the belt.

Also got a short ride to church and back last night for VBS.  Felt great coming home around 8:30ish, with the cool breeze of the evening setting in.

Newsletter: 9 Months

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Daddy is running late this month.  Sorry, I got sick on your birthday and am just now getting better.  Woo hoo!

This past month was another very packed full of fun month.  It seems like we never stop these days.  Things have gotten much warmer temperature wise so we have been enjoying some out-of-door activities.  You two both love to be outside and take in the sun and fresh air.  There were many more walks in the jog stroller, and a couple of runs (or at least one:)!)

We also rode the bikes to church twice.  The second Sunday we did so was quite eventful.  I was pulling you 2 in the trailer when I blew my front tire about 1.2 miles from the house.  So I moved the trailer to Mommy’s bike and she continued while I walked home (remember to pack a spare tube next time).  I met up with her as service was starting (missed SS).  After church we went to a SS picnic at a local park.  Well we (I won’t throw anyone under the bus here) thought the picnic was at a park south of the church so we headed there.  Turns out it was at a picnic north of the church so we headed that way and met up with everyone, a little more tired and sweaty, but we got there before the party was over.

This month was your first time to attend our annual Crawfish boil.  We had quite the showing and some great mudbugs supplied by Nana and Pop.  Neither of you really had an idea what was going on.  And Abs slept through much of the party, much to the chagrin of most of the attendees who really wanted to catch a glimpse of you two.  But it was a great time none-the-less.

This month we also headed to Houston the visit the Morris clan.  You two headed down with Mommy, Nana and Pop, getting to sleep in their trailer for the very first time.  I came down a day late due to Memorial day traffic.  We had a good time, and you two got to swim in a pool for the first time.  You were both a little apprehensive at first but loved it in the end, getting to splash and kick to your little heart’s content.  While at the pool we saw some cool floaties that we picked up for you at Target.  You both loved sitting in them when we got to use them at the Stelzer’s a week later.

You have both continued to be excellent eaters, and have begun eating some non-pureed food, such as green beans, bananas, and bread (or pizza) crust.  Broken into pieces of course, but you both love trying to pick up the pieces and get them to your mouth.  You have also moved on to sippy cups for you beverage consumption.  This is still a work in progress as it is too fun to fill your mouth by biting on the spout and letting it drain out of your mouth.

G, you have gotten very strong and sit up very well on your own, turning from side to side and bending and reaching every which way to grab what you want.  You also love the exer-saucer now, as well as standing next to your music table.  You have also taken to rolling all over the place to get from place to place.  I’m guessing you’ll be on the move in no time.

A, you are the crawling machine.  Actually, you are more interested now in pulling up to standing on whatever is sitting in front of you.  This includes people, tables, chairs, your bumbo, etc.  The only bad part is when you get near my legs when I have shorts on and you grab tufts of leg hair and tug and tug.  Ouch.

That’s it for the month.  We’ll fill up this one as well I’m sure, loving every minute of it.




Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Had a good weekend.  Went to some friends’ house for dinner and swimming Saturday night.  Actually, Carrie and the kids swam while I enjoyed a pleasant evening.  Finished the day with a 3.1 miler.  Didn’t want to get too fired up so close to bed.  Good run, missed the heat of the day, but the concrete still had all of the day’s heat stored up and kept the evening fairly warm.

Sunday we rode to church.  Actually, I rode about half way before blowing out the front tire.  I recently got a new pair of tires for the road bike from performance bike.  Kevlar and wire and supposedly great for cut protection.  Most of the comments about the tires were good, with an exception of them being excessively narrow.  I’ve been running 700×19 lately and really enjoy that width (makes me feel a little faster than I am).  But I took heed and ordered 700×25.  They are actually narrower than my previous tires, and that led the the blowout.  I think I was running them at too high pressure and I noticed after about .75 mile that I was getting a bulge on the front tire.  Slowed down and thought the sidewall of the tire had blown, but kept on as we were a tad late.  Bulge got bigger and, BANG!  Tire blew.  Moved the trailer to Carrie’s bike and walked home.  Noticed that the side wall was just fine, so the tire must have come unseated from the rim.  Definitely have to run lower pressure in them.

Anyway, got the other bike ready to roll and headed off the church.  We had a Sunday School picnic afterward and thought it was at one park (south side of town), when in actuality it was at another (north side of town).  So we got in an extra 5 miles or so of riding before getting to the picnic.  But it really was a great day to ride even though I was in long sleeves and pants.