Had a good weekend.  Went to some friends’ house for dinner and swimming Saturday night.  Actually, Carrie and the kids swam while I enjoyed a pleasant evening.  Finished the day with a 3.1 miler.  Didn’t want to get too fired up so close to bed.  Good run, missed the heat of the day, but the concrete still had all of the day’s heat stored up and kept the evening fairly warm.

Sunday we rode to church.  Actually, I rode about half way before blowing out the front tire.  I recently got a new pair of tires for the road bike from performance bike.  Kevlar and wire and supposedly great for cut protection.  Most of the comments about the tires were good, with an exception of them being excessively narrow.  I’ve been running 700×19 lately and really enjoy that width (makes me feel a little faster than I am).  But I took heed and ordered 700×25.  They are actually narrower than my previous tires, and that led the the blowout.  I think I was running them at too high pressure and I noticed after about .75 mile that I was getting a bulge on the front tire.  Slowed down and thought the sidewall of the tire had blown, but kept on as we were a tad late.  Bulge got bigger and, BANG!  Tire blew.  Moved the trailer to Carrie’s bike and walked home.  Noticed that the side wall was just fine, so the tire must have come unseated from the rim.  Definitely have to run lower pressure in them.

Anyway, got the other bike ready to roll and headed off the church.  We had a Sunday School picnic afterward and thought it was at one park (south side of town), when in actuality it was at another (north side of town).  So we got in an extra 5 miles or so of riding before getting to the picnic.  But it really was a great day to ride even though I was in long sleeves and pants.

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