Memorial Day

Had an enjoyable long weekend.  With the exception of leaving Friday after work, only to turn around and go home after moving 9 miles in an hour and a half.  Thanks construction and possibly a wreck on I-35.

Made it to the H-town mid-afternoon Saturday, in time to get to the pool for C’s b-day party.  We got the babies into the pool for their very first time.  They did protest for the first few minutes, but then had a blast splashing and kicking.  Both G and A tried to put their face down in the water and came up with big gasps.  Quite entertaining.   Ended the evening swimming 600M in the lap pool.  Wasn’t bad, but the pool is outside and was full of all sorts of tree debris.

Went back to the pool Saturday and repeated the drill with the kiddos, but passed on doing laps as we had Pei Wei take-out at the pool as soon as we got there.

Headed home via Austin for a visit to see Granny, Grammy and Grandpa.  We had a good visit and made our way home by 11PM.  Not too shabby.

Haven’t gotten out of bed early enough to hit the Y yet this week, but did mow the lawn last night into the early darkness.

One Response to “Memorial Day”

  1. Matt says:

    tree debris???? are you turning into a lightweight? 😉 love you cmj