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Newsletter: 19 Months

Monday, April 6th, 2009

It has been a while since I’ve written.  Needless to say a lot has been going on in your development.  You are both very active, starting to run everywhere, dancing whenever music comes on, and climbing on everything. You both can climb up onto the couches and chairs in the house by yourself, but sometimes you’re better at it than others.  Once upon the furniture, you both have begun exerting your independence by standing up, even after Mommy or I remind you to stay on your bottom, usually with big grins from ear to ear.

You are both becoming very independent when it comes to eating.  You can feed yourselves with spoons and forks, and are getting to the point where you only want to use the regular folks, not the plastic toddler forks. It seems they are easier to use, especially when trying to spear foods.

The past month held your first trip away from me.  We all headed down to Houston to see the Morris’ and Nana and Pop who drove in for the weekend, as well as Uncle Brad.  We stopped in Dallas for a wonderful dinner with the Friesens, and pulled into H-town well after midnight.  Abs started the weekend off right Saturday morning by spewing vomit all over the breakfast table while George and I slept in.  This continued, and turned into explosions from the other side by both G and A by the Monday.  I flew back to OKC on Monday am, so Mommy and the Morris’ got to enjoy the explosions without me.  They continued for the rest of the week, even at Grammy and Grandpa’s house where you and Mommy headed before Grammy rode back up to OKC with you on the next Saturday.  Needless to say, Mommy was exhausted by the time you got back home.

You are definitely at a fun age, able to express about 30 words each, and being very mobile.  Some of your favorite activities are going to the park to climb the equipment and go down the slide, watching Elmo, and playing outside.  Luckily it is beginning to warm up, and we are able to get outside.  It should be a fun summer.



Newsletter Month 15

Friday, December 12th, 2008

We had quite a month this past month.  Highlights include trips to Shreveport and Spring Branch, more walking, and eating food off of kids menus at restaurants.

We headed down to Spring Branch to see Grammy and Grandpa, as Uncle Billy, Aunt Missy, and cousins Nate and Jacob.  We had a blast getting to meet the cousins and Aunt Missy.  We played around the house, going up and down the stairs, riding horsey Grandpa, chasing the cousins and acting silly.  You both loved getting to go outside for rides in Oma’s red wagon.  You made great use of the trails all over Grammy’s yard, and wore Grandpa out.  You also had a great time taking baths in Grammy’s huge tub.  Ab’s hair was finally getting into too long and falling into her eyes, so we gave you your first haircut.  It ended up being much shorter than we had hoped, but is growing out nicely.  We ended the trip with lunch at Chuy’s in San Antonio after Uncle Billy finished the marathon and Aunt Missy finished the 1/2 marathon.

A few weeks later we headed down to Shreveport for Thanksgiving with the Morris’s and Nana and Pop.  We again had a great time playing with the cousins, and walking all over Nana and Pop’s house.  You both found Mommy’s old mini piano and had a blast pounding out songs for us all to enjoy. We also got to meet up with Aunt Lauren, Uncle Kendal, Carlisle and Camper for an evening of fun at the Land’s house in Dixie.  Shannon, Patrick, and Michael were also there, so we had quite the time keeping up with 5 toddlers running around the house.  We went to the Sciport Museum and had a blast playing with the exhibits.

There were downsides to both trips in that Abs really didn’t want to sleep in her car seat, and screamed for the last 2+ hours each way.  Let me tell you, it is not fun to drive through the night with screaming children.

The other big achievement was getting you to eat off of children’s menus at restaurants.  We no longer have to pack foods for you.  You have also become very proficient at feeding yourself, so you can finish off quesadillas, rice, chips, and sandwiches all on your own.

G has really gotten the hang of walking and can go from room to room, stop and start without falling, and loves to hold onto Mommy or my hand as we walk around.

We’ve finally started to cool off, and that has meant hats, which you both are getting used to wearing.  It has also signaled the season of Christmas, which we’re currently getting ready for.  While we’ve been extremely busy, it has been fun to slow down and try to see things through your eyes.  You both love the new decorations going up around our house and elsewhere, and you love looking at the light decorations out the car window when we’re out driving at night.  I’m very thankful to get to share some of our traditions with you, and look forward to making new ones as we prepare to welcome the newborn Christ.

All my Love,


Newsletter: 12 Months

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Wow, 1 year.  Can’t believe that we have made it through and so far no permanent damage has been done, at least any that we can tell.  Hard to believe that only a year ago, we were waiting and anticipating your being here.  It seems like yesterday.

We celebrated a few days early to take advantage of the Labor Day holiday weekend so family could come up for the shin-dig.  We had quite the full house, with the Lands staying with us.  Two sets of infant twins in one house is a non-stop party.  Grammy & Grandpa, Nana and Pop, Uncle Brad, Uncle Doug and Aunt Sherry and the Morris crew all came up for the weekend which included swimming at the Stelzer’s pool on Saturday, tailgating before the first OU home game Sunday night, and a party with the fam and the neighbors on Sunday.  Just as quickly as they got there, everyone headed out except for Nana and Pop who spent another week with us, escaping the rain from Hurrican Gustav.

You were both pretty apprehensive about your B-day cakes, you very first tast of good ol’ sugar.  Aunt Lauren made you some beautiful mini cakes with cute little “1” candles on top.  The icing was very intriguing and seemed to throw G off due to the stickiness.  G was not about to taste it, but finally came around and planted his whole face in the cake, to avoid having to touch it.  Abs had a good time eating the icing off her fingers however.  I think the 50+ cameras that were flashing non-stop might have had something to do with the stage fright.  Funniest part was that Carlisle was standing around below your seats waiting to get at your cakes.  She wanted to show you just how yummy cake is.

The past two weeks have also had some big firsts.  Abs took her first steps, but has been content to not repeat the feat, just wanted to show she could do it.  The first steps came at the Super twins first birthday party w/ Ean and Quinn before they moved away to Florida.  And, Geo is now crawling and out of PT, and has pulled up to standing from sitting, and can even push some toys, both while walking or kneeling.  You also have begun playing more and more with each other, especially Geo chasing Abs around after she steals a toy from him.

On the food front, you are both now drinking soy milk, and have tested cow’s milk.  But you really dig on soy milk, which I’m very thankful for.  That cow milk is yucky.

You are also both talking a lot now.  Among your growing vocab is “Mama” (she was so happy when that came out), “Dada”, “buh-bye” when we start saying good byes, and “nigh-nigh” especially by Abs when she is ready to go to bed.

You both have battled some stomach issues this month, and Geo has continued with ear infections.  That has kept us busy trying to figure out a work schedule for Mommy.  Throw in that you had your first day at “school” (Children’s day Out) at McFarlin and Northhaven.  You are now going 2 days a week to each school, and slowly getting adjusted.  Your first day report listed Abs as “sad” and Geo as “quiet”.  The reports have slowly gotten more into the happy and talkative categories, which definitely makes us feel better.  Just took some time to get used to, even though you get to see one of your favorite teachers 2xs per week.

I can’t believe 12 great months have already passed.  I wish we could just pause time, or keep you from growing to get to enjoy more of these fun times.  But I’m sure each passing month will continue to get better and better.



Newsletter Month 11.75 edition

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

So I guess I’m a complete slacker as far as this writing thing goes.  Haven’t been on time, except maybe once. So no more promising about how I’ll be on time next month.

We had yet another busy month.  I’m sensing a trend.  Work has been jam packed, and the home doesn’t clean and cook for itself ya know.

We started the month off with a visit from Nana and Pop as well as Cousins Evie and Kirby.  It was a twins week like no other.  While I got the pleasure of working, you got to go to Paul’s Valley to visit relatives, and even got to go swimming at Turner Falls.  On the way home, however, Nana’s van had a very random breakdown.  Luckily you were all still at the park, and could get in the water to cool off, while waiting for the calvary to ride in to the rescue.  I borrowed Art’s “busburban” and drove down to retreive the whole crew.  We were packed in, but managed to get back to Norman, while the van headed down to Ardmore to be fixed.  Nana, Pop, E&C rode the train down to pick the van up and you two and Mommy traveled down to Paul’s Valley to meet them and see more family.

The next weekend was your very first trip out to “The Ranch” just south of Lubbock.  We met Nana, Pop, E&C out there, as well as Aunt Sherry and Uncle Doug.  Even Uncle Brad flew in for the weekend.  We had a great time, riding four wheelers and motorbikes (Mommy and I) while you two loved to splash in the pool.  We got to see the cows and horses as well.  We had such a good time we decided to stay until Monday morning and had to beat the rain out of the canyon as we left.

You two are both eating more and more food on your own, but still love oatmeal and other foods we feed you.  You have begun taking juice and even milk out of a sippy cup with a straw.  You both are getting very adept at this.  We can tell when you are finished though as you both take your cups and toss them over the side of your chairs.

Abs is now pushing toys while walking.  It started with a cardboard box, and not is any toy that is light enough to be pushed.  Geo is sitting up all on his own from laying down, and even began crawling around the first of August.

What a busy month, and I’m sure I’ve missed some. Two weeks and you’ll be 1 year old.  Oh my how the year has flown.