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Back at it

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Finally did a cardio work-out for the first time since August. At least one that didn’t involve crutches and simply moving from point A to point B. We got back from TX yesterday, and I just felt the need to move, so I headed to the Y for a swim. Felt great to be moving, but geez am I out of shape. Pushed very hard, and was able to eek out 575 meters before I thought my arms and legs were going to fall off. But I’m back.

On another note, not only am I out of shape, but from the date of surgery, I’m up to 211 (5 lbs more than pre-surgery). Not too bad for 8 weeks of no walking, but not where I want to be.


Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

So, I’m not committed to any tri yet, but have been feeling the drive to get ready for one.  So, I’ve been trying to get multiple activities in lately.  In the last week, I’ve added yoga and paddling to the mix.

Yesterday I started the week out right with a pre-work swim (500 free and 300 breast).  Followed it up with a very warm 5 miler at lunch (thankfully, some of the humidity has blown away).  Finished off with a near 2 mile walk with the fam before bed-time.

B-Ball and Swim

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Tues night was a rousing night of basketball.  We had a good turn out, enough for 5 on 5 with 2 subs.  Played for nearly 2 hours.  Left exhausted.

This morning finally drug myself out of bed and to the Y for a swim before work.  Good workout of 3 x 250m free and 3 x 100m breast.  Nothing to write home about, but felt good to use the arm muscles, and be back over 1km for a swim.

Thinking about doing a triathlon this summer.  Can’t decide betweeen a local one, or one back in the ‘Port.  The one here looks a little more challenging, while the ‘Port one may be a better beginner tri.

3 days in a row

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

The end of the work week has been great.  Got out of bed, somewhat late,  but with A waking up between 2 and 5 am every day, just getting up early enough to workout was a victory.

Wed, got in a good swim at the Y.  The legs were recovering from B-ball the night before, so I skipped the running.  Did 3 x 250m free and 3 x 100m breast, breaking 1km for the first time in a long time.

Thurs, up a little earlier, so pushed in a 3.9 mile run, followed by 2 x 300m free and 2x 100 m breast.  Felt great.

This am slept in a little, but still put in 3 x 250m free and 3 x 100m breast.  Feel great and looking forward to 10 miles or so tomorrow morning.  Going to try to hold back on the speed and focus on the mileage and finishing an even paced run.


Friday, January 16th, 2009

Been to the Y before work twice this week.  Same last week.  First 3 involved running and stretching only.  Today I hit the pool.  After yesterday’s 0 degree windchill run, I really wasn’t in the mood for a near single digit temp run, even though there was very little wind.  Almost slept in, hit the snooze button once and reset the alarm, but that inside voice urged me to get up.

And I’m glad that I did.  The swim went well.  The water temp was a little cold for first thing in the morning, but I think it kept me cool for the warm up and helped the whole swim.  Thing felt great from first stroke to the last.  Finished with 3 x 200 free and 3x 100 breast.  Was thinking I really need to get some sort of swimming routine.  Wish the Y had a class to take as I have no clue what I’m doing, and I just end up adding time and laps to the workout.  Guess I also need to decide if I want to be swimming toward some goal, i.e. find a summer tri (longer than sprint, shorter than half IM) in the area.

On another note, I am registered for the Austin 1/2 yet again.  Something about the city and the run keep bringing me back.  So tomorrow and Sunday are looking good for longer runs.

Another day

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Another swim.  Got up for an early am swim, even after staying up till well past midnight making Buckeyes.  Mmmm, PB and chocolate.  Surprising the arms were not sore, at least until I was in the pool, trying to propel myself through the water.  But on I plodded, and put in the same routine as yesterday: 3 X 150M free and 1 x 100M breast.

Back in the Pool

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

My sweet wife insisted that I get out of bed this morning and get to the Y for some exercise.  I complied, but somewhat reluctantly.  C: the alarm had only gone off once, I swear.  But thanks for threatening the cold water.

Got out of the driveway and the Jeep was slipping and sliding.  Noticed fine particles falling from the sky.  Realised it must be sleeting/snowing/freezing raining.  Slowly made it to the Y with little trouble.  Getting across the parking lot on foot was much more of a feat.  Got in about 10 minutes of stretching, and sauntered over to the pool.  Not a soul in the water, so had the enjoyment of making waves in an otherwise still body of water.  Not too much has been lost in form during the 5 month layoff.  But I’ve definitely not been using those swimming muscles.  I’m not looking forward to tomorrow am.  Put in 3x 150m free and 3x 100m breast.  Good stuff until getting on I-35 to head to work.  The normally 20-25 min commute turned into 1.25 hours.  Bleech.