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Great run and swim

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Took a rest day on Wednesday.  Was thinking I’d hit spin class, but I was still sore from Mon/Tues, and was out late playing laser-tag with the guys from our Sunday school class.  Quite a good time.

Thurs, I had to drive to a courthouse 3 hours from Norman to be a lawyer in a courtroom for only my second time since graduating law school.  Hearing was at 10 am, so I had to be out of the house too early for a workout.  Took my running clothes thinking I’d run over lunch when I got back to town.  Got to the Lake Hefner trail and got out to change when I was hit by the wind.  There were sustained winds in the 30 mph range, and I was having to lean into them to move forward.  Decided to skip the run then and try later, even if it had to be in the Y.

After work, got home, and talked Carrie into heading to the Y.  The wind had died down so I decided to run to meet her there.  Took the dog for nearly 2 miles around the ‘hood to warm up, dropped him off in the back yard and hoofed it to the Y.  Did 3 miles at 8:10ish/mi. and finished with .8mi at cool-down pace.  It was a fantastic run.  Great temps and no wind.  Finished by stretching, sitting in the whirlpool and then 200M free and 100M breast.

Run and Swim

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Was planning to get back on track w/ RLRF today.  Was being the key there.  We had some vicious winds blow in yesterday, and they stuck around for today as well.  At 6:15 it was 30F with sustained winds around 20mph, gusting higher.  Not exactly the weather to get out for a track workout.  Maybe I’m turning into a pansy, but I decided to switch the schedule and do a tempo run inside on the dreadmill.  Then I forgot my training log, and had no idea how far I was supposed to go.  Things were not looking good for a successful run.

But I pushed onward and got on the ‘mill, turned up some tunes and took off.  Warmed up for .75 miles and pushed it to 8:20/mile for a mile.  Was not feeling a good vibe at all.  Couldn’t get into a rhythm with my stride, so I dropped the next mile down to 8:40/mile.  Still not feeling it,  and my right leg began to give me some weird twinges.  Decided to cool down for .25 and call it a run with 3 total miles.

Stretched and headed to the pool.  The swim felt great.  I concentrated on relaxing and breathing (out under water and in out of water) and on getting my arms out and into a bent position smoothly.  Swam 2 X 200M free with 2X 100M breast between.  My arms are definitely sore now.  Still feeling those paddling muscles.

Paddle and Spin

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Finally got back in the boat yesterday. Went up the the Red Dirt Chapter’s Sunday roll session for a little paddle. It felt great to be back in the water. Attempted and hit at least 10 rolls-didn’t miss a single one. Not too shabby for not paddling it at least 7 months. Played around for about 15 minutes, gave some newer paddlers some pointers on rolling, and then played boatball for about 30 minutes. Today, I’m feeling muscles in my back that I haven’t felt in quite some time.

Also finally made it out the door early enough to get to spin class (5:45am) at the Y. It was only 45 minutes, but it was intense. My legs now feel like wet noodles, but that’s a good thing. Plus made it in to the office quite early.

I think I’m going to get back on the RLRF plan tomorrow. The legs are feeling better, so we’ll see how they take the running.

Oh yeah-weighed in Saturday and this morning and down to 205.4 at home and 205 even at the Y.

Friday Swim

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Hit the Y a little bit late this morning.  G&A have been waking up frequently during the night, lately, and the sleep for myself and Carrie has not been the best.  Hopefully its that we’re transitioning them out of their swaddles and into “sleep sacks”, and that it will get better quickly.

Anyway. Back to the Y.  Was planning to bike and swim, but only had time to do one, so I swam.  Pretty good swim.  I went looking for some swimming tips yesterday and found one regarding breathing.  I’m not very relaxed in the pool and breathing always seems so forced and difficult.  Found suggestions to relax and trying breathing out under water and only in when the face is up.  So I focused on that and it seemed to be a bit better.  Still not comfortable per se, but I’ll keep working on that.

Actual workout was 3 X 200M free and 1X100M breast.  The breast was much more difficult than the free.  Probably because I haven’t been practicing it.  I think I’ll throw it back into the mix each workout to try and keep those muscle groups in the mix.  Another suggestion I found was alternating kinds of strokes as they each use different muscle groups.

B-Ball and Swim

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Got out to the B-Ball game last night. Crowd was kind of small, so we played 4 on 4 with no subs. Needless to say, I was beat at the end of 3 full court games. It actually felt good to stretch the legs out a bit, but I sure was sore when I got up this morning.

Got up in time to get to the Y for a quick workout. I hit the stretch machine and then the pool. Did 3 X 200M freestyle. Form was okay, but I really need to work on my torso rotation. I can’t get comfortable turning to my offside. Maybe I should try breathing every 3 strokes (alternate sides) vs. my current pattern of every 2 strokes (same side). I have been trying to blow bubbles on my offside to help get me turning more, but that is just getting in the way. Anyone out there (yeah right) with any suggestions, feel free to shoot them my way.

On another note, we received a very nice double bike trailer from some friends whose kids had outgrown it. Can’t wait to get out there and try it out.

Austin 1/2 Marathon

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

We had a great trip to Austin, getting to see lots of family and friends.  Also ran a little race.

Race day was a little warmer than I was expecting.  It was mid to upper 40’s at the start, and warmed up throughout the race.  I was probably a little overdressed in tights and a long sleeve shirt, but don’t think I really overheated at any point.  I expected some low rollers for the start of the course, and knew there would be a couple of larger hills later on, but geez, they were killer.  I guess I really need to head out to east Norman for more hill training in the future.  My thighs are still burning today.  But I decided to push it and try to take down 1:45.00.

I was feeling pretty good for the first 6 miles, but there was little room to move about.  Running was pretty much shoulder to shoulder for the first 10 miles or so, where the 1/2 and full courses split.  But around mile 6, the leg started to get tight, not the same hammy feeling, but deeper in the hip and going down the front and inner thigh.  I had set the virtual training partner on the Forerunner for 1:45.00 and I was only about .3 mile behind at around halfway.  So I decided to keep pushing, knowing full well that around mile 8 we would hit non-stop rolling hills, with 2 big ones thrown in.  Around mile 10 my leg was really beginning to throb, and I was losing some of the push up hills, so I walked one decent hill, got some water and poweraide at the next rest stop and pushed on, slowly losing ground to the virtual trainer.  Around mile 11.5 was the worst of the hills, and I had been dreading the though of it for the whole race.  I’ve run it a couple of other times in the Cap. Metro 10K.  If you’re familiar with Austin, its where 15th Street crosses over Lamar and shoots skyward at a terrible angle.  After crossing over Lamar, I “slowed” to a walk and leaned into the grade. Finally crested and pushed down the hill on to the last mile and a half.

The stretch to the finish was great rounding 11th to Congress right in front of the Capital, and downhill.  Hoofed it the last .2 and sprinted for the finish.  Missed the 1:40.00, but did clock a PR with a chip time of 1:52:52 which jived with the Forerunner.

My leg was killing me and I hobbled off to grab a breakfast taco.  The nearby Taco Shack (my personal fave) was closed (stupid store hours of closed on Sundays), so I headed to my second choice of Taco Express.  I was shocked at the disappearance of the original building, and the monstrosity of a pharmacy next door.   But my fears were averted when I walked in and they had replicated the outdoor patio very well, and had done a good job on the interior.  But the tacos were delish.

Headed out to catch A&D on the course.  On the way, phoned Carrie to plan a meeting time.  Told her there was no way I was running w/ A&D as my leg was killing me.  It was painful to walk on it.  But went to the course to cheer.  Got to mile 23 and walked north on the course to around 22.5 to find a nice place to cheer.  Saw A&D come around the corner, and they were not smiling.  It had warmed up considerably.  Probably 70+F and no clouds in the sky.  This is not a good thing coming from OK where we haven’t seen 70’s in oh 3-4 months. I joined them thinking I’d turn off .5 mi on when we got to the car.  But D was getting nauseas and A was getting leg cramps.  So on we went.  Through campus D (a fellow OU alum) really thought about losing her lunch.  We pressed on though and they crested the final hill and took off down the finishing slope.  They finished with a great time of 4:37.41.

To recap: brutal course (but very scenic and lots of spectators), hot, good times, great support.  Highly recommend, as you can’t beat the limited entry, great support and awesome venue.  Just train on hills, a lot of them, and don’t expect a PR.

Tues-pilates/run; Wed-Bike/Swim; Thurs-run

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

So B-Ball was canceled Tues night, so Carrie and I did Baby and Me pilates.  Or should I say attempted to.  We didn’t have a lot of time before G&A’s bedtime, so we decided to do one session for us, and the baby massage section for the kiddos.  (I know, lucky them, right?)  So we (Carrie) chose the session that targets the belly.  Wow, it was intense.  Much balancing of babies on your legs while doing poses.  I think we both were panting and rolling in pain before the 15 minute session was over.

Then I felt the need to get a little run in, even though I was supposed to do some track work.  So I headed out w/ the dog for 3.2 miles.  Nothing special, but didn’t really feel any pains in the hammy.  Good signs.

Wed. AM got up to hit the Y and the cycle.  Did 30 min. and got 9.10 miles.  Slowly, but surely making in-roads on speed.   Stretched and finished with 2X 250M freestyle in the pool. Felt good and smooth, even though I was lapped after 15 laps by the guy next to me.

This AM I decided to do part of the RLRF plan and see how the hammy reacted.  Was supposed to be 5 miles at mid tempo (8:25/mi.).  Decided to do one mile warm-up followed by 4 miles at mid-tempo.  Warm-up went well, and the running was fine, except for the wind.  The first tempo mile was into a headwind of 20+ mph with gusts in the 30+ range.  The rest of the tempo was with a cross wind.  Ended up cutting the tempo and run a little short.  Finished 3.5mi. at tempo and kept them around 8:20/mi.  Total run was 4.75 mi.  Was feeling a bit of pain in the hammy, but nothing too strong.  Stretched it out and it was feeling better.

We’ll see how it goes for the 1/2 on Sunday.  I’m thinking 1:45 as a goal is not too far off from a possibility.  I think I’ll set the Garmin to pace for that and see how it goes.

Sun. Run, Mon. Bike/Swim, Today: B-Ball

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

So I decided to sleep in Saturday and give the hammy an extra day’s rest before putting in a long run.  Good idea as I slept so well and woke up refreshed Saturday, but bad in that supper club went late Saturday night and I woke up Sunday with a sore throat and sore ears.  Oh well.  Got to feeling better later in the day, and it was fairly nice outside, so took G&A out for a run.  It was very nice in the sun, so long as you were guarded from the gusting winds.  But it was nice to be out in shorts and long sleeves.  Ended up running 7 miles in 1:05.  Not too shabby for pushing the wind break on wheels (double jog stroller).  Only problem was around 4.5 miles the hammy started letting me know it was there.  The last push north (into the wind) of about a .5 mile was fairly rough.  Before the run, I was thinking about going for another bit after I dropped the kiddos off.  That idea was 86’d.  We’ll see how the 1/2 goes next weekend.  Don’t know if I’ll be doing speed work this week.

Mon. am got back on the bike.  30 min 9.05 miles.  Then on the the stretch machine and into the pool.  Swam 2 X 250M.  Felt pretty good, fairly effortless and a little fluid.

Was going to run some this am, but we were baking bread until 10:45 last night, followed by feeding the kiddos.  Which resulted in not getting to sleep until after midnight.  Factor in another feeding at 4:30 am, and 6am was not happening.  So it will be basketball tonight.

Fri AM bike/swim

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Decided to do a little cross training today, and include some stretching.  Hit the bike for a quick 30 min spin.  Got to 8.95 miles for the period.  Felt good, and didn’t hurt the hammy at all.  Then hopped on the stretching machine.  Just a great stretch and felt much better for the rest of the day.  Finished it off with 2 X 200M in the pool.  Almost didn’t but I had already donned my tri-shorts, so why not.

I saw a great post a few days ago about helping motivate ones’ self to exercise, especially in the morning.  When you have a doubt about doing exercise do something that will help it make sense.  The 2 examples the author used was:

  1. If you want to swim in the morning, and usually shower at night before, just don’t shower the night before.  That way when you awake, you’re going to be getting wet, so why not make the most of it and swim also.
  2. If you are having reservations about running at night, or anytime, and thinking about skipping it, eat a gu, or your energy source of choice.  Now that you’ve had that, you feel pretty silly going to sit on the couch.  Get up and go.

So this morning I purposefully wore my tri shorts to ride the bike, knowing that once I got them dirty, there was no use in not swimming in them as they already needed to be cleaned.  And yes, I showered off prior to swimming.

Thurs. AM Tempo

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Back on track with the RLRF marathon program. This am was tempo work. Six miles total, 2 warm-up, 3 at short tempo pace and 1 mile cool-down. Decided to run outside, it was only 30F and a light breeze, but I appreciated it once I got up to speed.

Went to the Y to run as the roads around there are relatively empty and there is a great straight stretch of blacktop sidewalk of almost a mile and a half without having to cross streets. First 2 miles (9:25/9:29) were a bit faster than the program calls for, but I seem to have a problem running around 9:50/mile. The short tempo for my goal is 8:10/mile, so I sped it up. The first two miles at tempo actually felt good, but by the 3rd I was getting spent and having a bit of pain in my right thigh. (more on this later). But I finished the 3 miles relatively strongly, and near the target speed (8:05/8:13/8:02). Then a cool-down. Didn’t quite get a full mile, had mis-judged my distance back to the Y. So I ended up with .76 mile cool-down at 9:15/mile pace. Total for run was 5.76mi in 50.16.

Bonus in Nike+ was very accurate with this run. Got 5.65mi in 50.08 min. Plus I got to hear LA congratulate me on my longest run. Two milestones in a row. Speed work on Tues ended with Tiger giveing me props for my fastest mile time yet recorded.

Went inside the Y to stretch. I’m really digging the Stretching unit the Y has. I know I can do most of these stretches on my own without the equip, but for some reason they really do feel deeper on the machine. I plan to continue using it after my runs/bikes at the Y.  Finished the workout with 10 minutes on the rowing machine.  Wasn’t in the mood to swim.

As for the pain in my upper leg, I think I may have a slight strain of my hamstring. Based on a quick diagnosis here and here, I believe that is what the pain is. It is in the back of my leg, beginning slightly below my groin and continuing to the back of my knee, definitely on the inside ,and not on the outside which would indicate IT Band. It began after Tuesday’s track work, but I thought it was just soreness from the speed, but came back today. According to the CoolRunnings site, hammy injuries can arise from sloped running surfaces, generally on the “shorter” leg which has to work harder. The track at the Y is banked and on Tuesday we were running clockwise, so my right leg was the inside or shorter leg. Could be coincidence, but I’m guessing not. So, I’m going to rest, ice, wrap and elevate tonight and take some ibuprofen to reduce any probable swelling. Should be back on track for a long run maybe Sat, but probably Sun.