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Let Me (re)Introduce Myslef

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Dear Interwebs,

Hi, I’m back.  Been a little while.  Life has been hectic.  The kiddos are both teething.  Abs began actual crawling yesterday.  They have decided that a 5:30am snack is a good thing, when in fact it is not.  Additionally, we hosted a crawfish boil this past weekend complete with 80 lbs of mudbugs and all the trimmings.  Good stuff, but a lot to plan and do, and even harder to do it while juggling the kiddos.  Plus work has been super busy.

But I’ve been slowly  getting back into the workout routine.  Over the last week I’ve clocked 4 runs, a couple of walks, an evening lake paddle, a few weights, and this morning my first swim in, oh about a month.  Highlight of exercising was probably the Sunday am bike to church with the kiddos in the trailer.  Great fun, even though it was getting fairly warm by the time we headed home.  I’m moving for a vote on the appropriateness of shorts in church during the summer months.

I pledge to be more diligent, interwebs, that is after this weekend’s trip to Houston to sweat, sweat, sweat.


Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Sorry for the lapse in posting.  I’ve been to the Y numerous times over the last week.  At least 3 swims, a cycle, 1 session on the rowing machine, and 4-5 rounds on the elliptical.  I’m actually liking the elliptical, gets the heart pumping and is quite a bit more comfortable than the unwieldy seat on the stationary bikes in the cardio room.

But I’ve come to the realization that working out in the Y is pretty blah.  It is working out.  It is not the adventure that running and biking are.  There are no new trails or routes to take, no chance of finding a new street or cool new part of the town.  There is a tv, or magazine, or the same 4 walls.

It really hits me, especially this time of year.  I’m quite sad that I’ve yet to run in the warm southern breeze of spring.  I haven’t gotten to smell the blooming pear trees and other flowers floating through the air.  I have only kept track of the speedy buds of new growth on the trees and lawns from the safety and security of my car on the way to and from work.  It really kind of stinks.

I need to remedy this by getting the road bike out this weekend and maybe taking a boat to the lake tomorrow evening or this weekend.  Soak up some sun, get a breath of fresh air, enjoy nature and all its glory.

Oh, still haven’t made it to a spin class.  The one morning the kiddos woke up early enough for me to get to a class was this Wednesday, and of course no spin class Wed. morning.

Saturday Run, Sunday Paddle

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Saturday was supposed to be a long run.  We had horrible wind yet again.  Slept in so missed the nice temps, but managed to get out around 4pm.  Took the babies in the jog stroller/wind blocker.  Struggled in the winds which were still very strong (20+ mph with stronger gusts).  Made it 8.5 miles prior to hearing A waking up and beginning to speak her mind.  They did great on the run though, slept for almost all of the 1:22:and some change.  I was beat when I finished and my right leg again very sore.  Had planned on getting up to do another 8.5 miles Sunday am, but I kicked the humidifier Saturday night while getting G&A up for feeding and was feeling pain throughout my left foot.

I think I need to spread my mileage out throughout the week, as the long runs are really working havoc on my right thigh, and seem to not give enough time for healing.  I seem to do well until around 5 miles and then the pain starts.  So this week I’m thinking 3-4 days of 4-ish miles and a long run instead of 2 long speed workouts and a long run.

Sunday had another great time at the roll session.  Not nearly so sore this week.  Paddling=fun.  But I did miss 2 rolls this week.  Was tired and tried to “muscle it” instead of using my core and hip snap.

Paddle and Spin

Monday, February 25th, 2008

Finally got back in the boat yesterday. Went up the the Red Dirt Chapter’s Sunday roll session for a little paddle. It felt great to be back in the water. Attempted and hit at least 10 rolls-didn’t miss a single one. Not too shabby for not paddling it at least 7 months. Played around for about 15 minutes, gave some newer paddlers some pointers on rolling, and then played boatball for about 30 minutes. Today, I’m feeling muscles in my back that I haven’t felt in quite some time.

Also finally made it out the door early enough to get to spin class (5:45am) at the Y. It was only 45 minutes, but it was intense. My legs now feel like wet noodles, but that’s a good thing. Plus made it in to the office quite early.

I think I’m going to get back on the RLRF plan tomorrow. The legs are feeling better, so we’ll see how they take the running.

Oh yeah-weighed in Saturday and this morning and down to 205.4 at home and 205 even at the Y.