Saturday Run, Sunday Paddle

Saturday was supposed to be a long run.  We had horrible wind yet again.  Slept in so missed the nice temps, but managed to get out around 4pm.  Took the babies in the jog stroller/wind blocker.  Struggled in the winds which were still very strong (20+ mph with stronger gusts).  Made it 8.5 miles prior to hearing A waking up and beginning to speak her mind.  They did great on the run though, slept for almost all of the 1:22:and some change.  I was beat when I finished and my right leg again very sore.  Had planned on getting up to do another 8.5 miles Sunday am, but I kicked the humidifier Saturday night while getting G&A up for feeding and was feeling pain throughout my left foot.

I think I need to spread my mileage out throughout the week, as the long runs are really working havoc on my right thigh, and seem to not give enough time for healing.  I seem to do well until around 5 miles and then the pain starts.  So this week I’m thinking 3-4 days of 4-ish miles and a long run instead of 2 long speed workouts and a long run.

Sunday had another great time at the roll session.  Not nearly so sore this week.  Paddling=fun.  But I did miss 2 rolls this week.  Was tired and tried to “muscle it” instead of using my core and hip snap.

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