Tues B-Ball, Thurs bike/swim

Made it out to B-Ball on Tues night.  Had 3 good games, lots of running, sprinting, etc.  Only problem was that my right thigh and knee began aching shortly afterward.  By Wed. morning it was very sore, and has been ever since.  Don’t know what is going on, so I’m looking to kind an orthopedist to take a look.

I have decided to not run on it for a while and see what happens, and what a doc says.  So I went to the Y this morning to ride the bike and swim.  Spent 30 minutes on the bike at an easy pace, got 8.75 miles none-the-less.  Hit the pool and loved it.  Everything felt nice and smooth, with the possible exception of attempting to breathe every 3rd stroke.  Then I felt like I was about to drown.  Need to work on that.  But torso rotation was going well and my hand entry was not messy.  Swam 2X200M free with 2X100M breast after each set.

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  1. mom says:

    Better look into it before too long. You don’t want to make it worse.