6 Months

Woohoo! We’ve made it a whole half year. Can’t believe how fast it has flown by. I think that is what the sleep deprivation is good for. I can barely (but still able) to remember those early weeks and months of little to no sleep. The folks at the office have recently said they didn’t think I’d make it, as tired as I looked every day.

We’ve definitely hit our stride in parenting, and while every now and then something throws us for a loop, Mommy and I seem to have some form of a grasp on you two. And we love every bit of it.

This month was very busy (I think I’m beginning to see a pattern). We have really stepped up the solid foods. You both now eat 2 solid food meals every day. Your palates now know peas (George’s favorite and still not liked by Abs), squash, sweet potatoes (Ab’s personal fav), and oatmeal. We have dropped rice cereal from the menu, since once you two tasted oatmeal, there was no going back to rice. You both have recently taken to really liking your oatmeal with prune juice mixed in, and like it pretty thick.

You both are great eaters, however G is by far the most anxious to eat. G began growling at Mommy and I between bites when we are taking too long. You can’t wait for that next bite, and you have a voracious appetite, eating around 6 ounces of solid food per feeding. A is very patient and enjoys each bite, taking a small break in between.

G you have really gotten stronger over the last 3 weeks of PT and home exercises. You are now holding your head up very well, and standing with our help quite a bit. You have also really begun to enjoy tummy and back time and are getting quite adept at rolling from side to side and even from your tummy onto your back. This month you also discovered that you have feet, and they are so much fun to grab and pull. Whenever we put you in a chair or on your back, you immediately kick your legs up in the air and start reaching for your toes. You’ve even pulled your socks off a couple of times.

A you have continued your remarkable strength. You very rarely stay on your back, even when you sleep. You almost instantly roll to your tummy and start looking side to side, pushing your entire chest off the ground. You have scooted backward a few times and have really started turning sideways. We don’t think it’ll be long before you figure out how to propel yourself forward.

We got another trip in this month that was very special for us all. We went down to Austin to visit Grammy and Grandpa, and all our Austin friends. Daddy ran the 1/2 marathon while A&D ran the full. You 2 got to witness the finishing sprint of A&D. You also got to meet my Granny, your Oma for the first time. She was just tickled to meet you 2 and had to show you off to her friends down at the dinner hall. You were both very well behaved, and G of course gave some great snuggles to Oma. You also got to meet Aunt Amy and Uncle Drew and all of Mommy’s co-workers. Finally we spent the night and had a great evening with the Bailies and got to meet Belle for the very first time. The Bailies also hosted Hannah, Cameron and Presley for dinner. We had a great time catching up with them as well.

That’s it for this month. Keep growing.



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