Its been awhile, but I’m still here.  Not running, but we’ll get to that.  This past Sunday my leg was feeling good, and knowing that I had a Dr’s appointment on Tuesday I wanted to make sure I would be able to remember where the pain was.  So I went running.  Took the kiddos in the jog stroller and went.  Wanted to test the leg and put in 5 miles total.  Didn’t feel pain until around mile 3.  The pain was relatively light, so I decided to do it again on Monday night.  Put in around 3.5 miles.  Definitely felt it after that.  But both were good runs.

Tuesday got up and hit the pool at the Y before the appointment.  Swam a total of 950M, 3x 250M free and 2x100M breast.  Felt good.

Had the Dr’s appt and he couldn’t find anything in any tendons, muscles, ligaments, etc.  X-rayed my knee and hip and both looked good.  The only thing he could find was some reaction to physical manipulation around my meniscus.  So based on when the injury began, he thinks I have a slight tear in my cartilage.  Told me to take 3 weeks of no weight-bearing exercise along with 2 weeks of a strong anti-inflammatory.  He was of the impression that I would still be able to run OKC on 3 weeks training if I kept my aerobic conditioning up.  I don’t think that is a good idea, if even possible.  A long bike ride, even at a taxing pace is no substitute for the strain and exertion from a run of equal time.  So I’m taking off running for the 3 weeks, while keeping up the swimming and biking.  We’ll see how the legs feel after that, but I should be good for the 1/2 at OKC.

Followed up by swimming Wed and this morning, and riding the stationary bike Thurs.  All good workouts.  Wed I broke 1KM swimming for the 1st time ever, putting in 1050M.  Followed up with and even 1K this morning.  Really digging the pool, and feeling a lot more at ease.  Still need to get some ear plugs and work on breathing every 3rd stroke, though.  The bike ride was good, constant effort of 95RPM for 30 min for a total of 8.9 miles.

Next week I’ve vowed to make it to the 5:45 spin class at least twice.

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