Biking and swimming

We had a great trip to Shreveport over the weekend. Got to see the Roberts who were in from Denver and celebrated Mad’ s 1st B-day at a great party. We also got to have breakfast with the Gibsons. Ummmm Strawn’s pancakes. Good to see everyone and the kiddos were great in the car. Only downside was no exercise to speak of, and too much good food.

Finally got back to the Y last night for a quick spin. It felt good to get the blood pumping and the legs churning. Pushed the upper end for 30 minutes. High resistance and high rpms. Ended up with 9.2 miles in 30 min. The legs felt very good afterward. Finished with stretching. Still having some knee pain. Its in the back of my knee, but is definitely feeling better.

Went back this morning to bike and swim. Spent 2o minutes on the bike. Did the 1 to 1 interval program. Man was I feeling it. 20 minutes yielded 6.1 miles. But my heart rate was definitely up and the legs were burning. Then headed to the pool. Great swim. Really felt like I was gliding through the water. Put in 2 x 250M free and 2 x 100M breast for a total of 700M.

No spin class to speak of. 5:45am is just way too early. Tomorrow is the last morning that the Y offers the class, so I’m going to try extra hard to get there. I really do enjoy the class, especially the spin bike. So much more like my road bike.

Getting ready for the road, and to spread the word about watching out for cyclists, check this video out.

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