Great run and swim

Took a rest day on Wednesday.  Was thinking I’d hit spin class, but I was still sore from Mon/Tues, and was out late playing laser-tag with the guys from our Sunday school class.  Quite a good time.

Thurs, I had to drive to a courthouse 3 hours from Norman to be a lawyer in a courtroom for only my second time since graduating law school.  Hearing was at 10 am, so I had to be out of the house too early for a workout.  Took my running clothes thinking I’d run over lunch when I got back to town.  Got to the Lake Hefner trail and got out to change when I was hit by the wind.  There were sustained winds in the 30 mph range, and I was having to lean into them to move forward.  Decided to skip the run then and try later, even if it had to be in the Y.

After work, got home, and talked Carrie into heading to the Y.  The wind had died down so I decided to run to meet her there.  Took the dog for nearly 2 miles around the ‘hood to warm up, dropped him off in the back yard and hoofed it to the Y.  Did 3 miles at 8:10ish/mi. and finished with .8mi at cool-down pace.  It was a fantastic run.  Great temps and no wind.  Finished by stretching, sitting in the whirlpool and then 200M free and 100M breast.

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