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Winter runs

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Well, we got another blast of arctic air to help keep things cool around here.  Since the last post, I’ve managed 2 runs.  Saturday, after the initial blast of cold air pushed in, I finally got around to running.  Went mid-afternoon, so I had to dodge the masses trudging to the store for last weekend shopping.  Ended up being a nice run of 5 miles.  Thought the doggie would be tired, but he commenced running his crazies laps around the table when we got home.

Last night got the kiddos down after some delicious crawfish pasta.  Then bundled up and hit the wind.  It had warmed to a balmy 26F or so, as long as you could stay alee.  However, the windchill was in the low teens.  Managed to clock 4 miles in just over 32 minutes.  Man do I love the cold weather.  It makes running fast so much easier.  Ended with a nearly 1 mile stroll with Grandpa and pup looking at the lights in the neighborhood.

On the downside, the kiddos have not cooperated and slept throught the night, so my plans of hitting the Y in the am have not worked this week.  4.5 hours just will not cut it.  That extra hour I get by punting on the swim is so worth it.

Another day

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Another swim.  Got up for an early am swim, even after staying up till well past midnight making Buckeyes.  Mmmm, PB and chocolate.  Surprising the arms were not sore, at least until I was in the pool, trying to propel myself through the water.  But on I plodded, and put in the same routine as yesterday: 3 X 150M free and 1 x 100M breast.

Back in the Pool

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

My sweet wife insisted that I get out of bed this morning and get to the Y for some exercise.  I complied, but somewhat reluctantly.  C: the alarm had only gone off once, I swear.  But thanks for threatening the cold water.

Got out of the driveway and the Jeep was slipping and sliding.  Noticed fine particles falling from the sky.  Realised it must be sleeting/snowing/freezing raining.  Slowly made it to the Y with little trouble.  Getting across the parking lot on foot was much more of a feat.  Got in about 10 minutes of stretching, and sauntered over to the pool.  Not a soul in the water, so had the enjoyment of making waves in an otherwise still body of water.  Not too much has been lost in form during the 5 month layoff.  But I’ve definitely not been using those swimming muscles.  I’m not looking forward to tomorrow am.  Put in 3x 150m free and 3x 100m breast.  Good stuff until getting on I-35 to head to work.  The normally 20-25 min commute turned into 1.25 hours.  Bleech.

Cold Run

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Yesterday started out warm enough.  I had to change out of the sweater I was planning on wearing to church because it was too hot.  Switched out for a polo after church to run errands as we were nearing 75 degrees give or take.  Noticed a very strong north wind while dropping off the recycling, and while in the store it began getting cold.  Filling up with gas, I was wishing for a coat.  One hour later and I was in a a sweatshirt and down vest.  So after baths, George’s haircut, and picking up some great new to us toys from some friends, I was ready to run.  I missed runs Thurs-Sat, and was really wanting to run, so 25 mph winds and 10 degree windchill wasn’t about to stop me.

First mistake was that I overcompensated for the wind.  Wore a fleece shirt and a wind-proof jacket.  After about 1.5 miles I was extremely warm and drenched.  Headed home and dropped off the pup and went bakc out for some more after dropping the fleece.  Felt good for about the next 2 miles, but by then the outer jacket was drenched as well, and the wind was doing a great job of cooling me off.  Pushed through to get to 5 miles, but was on the verge of getting very cold.

What a rookie mistake.  I’ve watched Bear Grills and Survivorman enough to know not to get all sweaty in the freezing temps.  The trick is to not get your clothes wet, and allow them to keep you warm.  I missed.  Should have changed my base layer to one that wasn’t sweaty when I took off the fleece, or should have taken off the jacket prior to getting all sweaty, to allow evaporation to work.  OR maybe I just need a breathable windshell.

But I did manage a nice ice-stache.

Newsletter Month 15

Friday, December 12th, 2008

We had quite a month this past month.  Highlights include trips to Shreveport and Spring Branch, more walking, and eating food off of kids menus at restaurants.

We headed down to Spring Branch to see Grammy and Grandpa, as Uncle Billy, Aunt Missy, and cousins Nate and Jacob.  We had a blast getting to meet the cousins and Aunt Missy.  We played around the house, going up and down the stairs, riding horsey Grandpa, chasing the cousins and acting silly.  You both loved getting to go outside for rides in Oma’s red wagon.  You made great use of the trails all over Grammy’s yard, and wore Grandpa out.  You also had a great time taking baths in Grammy’s huge tub.  Ab’s hair was finally getting into too long and falling into her eyes, so we gave you your first haircut.  It ended up being much shorter than we had hoped, but is growing out nicely.  We ended the trip with lunch at Chuy’s in San Antonio after Uncle Billy finished the marathon and Aunt Missy finished the 1/2 marathon.

A few weeks later we headed down to Shreveport for Thanksgiving with the Morris’s and Nana and Pop.  We again had a great time playing with the cousins, and walking all over Nana and Pop’s house.  You both found Mommy’s old mini piano and had a blast pounding out songs for us all to enjoy. We also got to meet up with Aunt Lauren, Uncle Kendal, Carlisle and Camper for an evening of fun at the Land’s house in Dixie.  Shannon, Patrick, and Michael were also there, so we had quite the time keeping up with 5 toddlers running around the house.  We went to the Sciport Museum and had a blast playing with the exhibits.

There were downsides to both trips in that Abs really didn’t want to sleep in her car seat, and screamed for the last 2+ hours each way.  Let me tell you, it is not fun to drive through the night with screaming children.

The other big achievement was getting you to eat off of children’s menus at restaurants.  We no longer have to pack foods for you.  You have also become very proficient at feeding yourself, so you can finish off quesadillas, rice, chips, and sandwiches all on your own.

G has really gotten the hang of walking and can go from room to room, stop and start without falling, and loves to hold onto Mommy or my hand as we walk around.

We’ve finally started to cool off, and that has meant hats, which you both are getting used to wearing.  It has also signaled the season of Christmas, which we’re currently getting ready for.  While we’ve been extremely busy, it has been fun to slow down and try to see things through your eyes.  You both love the new decorations going up around our house and elsewhere, and you love looking at the light decorations out the car window when we’re out driving at night.  I’m very thankful to get to share some of our traditions with you, and look forward to making new ones as we prepare to welcome the newborn Christ.

All my Love,


Quick note

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

I’m still hanging around.  Been running 4-5 times a week.  Really looking forward to the return of cold air, snow, rain, sleet and all that is right with the world.  Tonight should be spectacular, and hopefully, I’ll be able to sport the first ice-stach of the season.  Got close last week, but never got around to the frozen crisp-ness.

Oh and newsletter will be up this week as well.