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Winter runs

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

Well, we got another blast of arctic air to help keep things cool around here.  Since the last post, I’ve managed 2 runs.  Saturday, after the initial blast of cold air pushed in, I finally got around to running.  Went mid-afternoon, so I had to dodge the masses trudging to the store for last weekend shopping.  Ended up being a nice run of 5 miles.  Thought the doggie would be tired, but he commenced running his crazies laps around the table when we got home.

Last night got the kiddos down after some delicious crawfish pasta.  Then bundled up and hit the wind.  It had warmed to a balmy 26F or so, as long as you could stay alee.  However, the windchill was in the low teens.  Managed to clock 4 miles in just over 32 minutes.  Man do I love the cold weather.  It makes running fast so much easier.  Ended with a nearly 1 mile stroll with Grandpa and pup looking at the lights in the neighborhood.

On the downside, the kiddos have not cooperated and slept throught the night, so my plans of hitting the Y in the am have not worked this week.  4.5 hours just will not cut it.  That extra hour I get by punting on the swim is so worth it.