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Cold Run

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Yesterday started out warm enough.  I had to change out of the sweater I was planning on wearing to church because it was too hot.  Switched out for a polo after church to run errands as we were nearing 75 degrees give or take.  Noticed a very strong north wind while dropping off the recycling, and while in the store it began getting cold.  Filling up with gas, I was wishing for a coat.  One hour later and I was in a a sweatshirt and down vest.  So after baths, George’s haircut, and picking up some great new to us toys from some friends, I was ready to run.  I missed runs Thurs-Sat, and was really wanting to run, so 25 mph winds and 10 degree windchill wasn’t about to stop me.

First mistake was that I overcompensated for the wind.  Wore a fleece shirt and a wind-proof jacket.  After about 1.5 miles I was extremely warm and drenched.  Headed home and dropped off the pup and went bakc out for some more after dropping the fleece.  Felt good for about the next 2 miles, but by then the outer jacket was drenched as well, and the wind was doing a great job of cooling me off.  Pushed through to get to 5 miles, but was on the verge of getting very cold.

What a rookie mistake.  I’ve watched Bear Grills and Survivorman enough to know not to get all sweaty in the freezing temps.  The trick is to not get your clothes wet, and allow them to keep you warm.  I missed.  Should have changed my base layer to one that wasn’t sweaty when I took off the fleece, or should have taken off the jacket prior to getting all sweaty, to allow evaporation to work.  OR maybe I just need a breathable windshell.

But I did manage a nice ice-stache.