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Sun. Run, Mon. Bike/Swim, Today: B-Ball

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

So I decided to sleep in Saturday and give the hammy an extra day’s rest before putting in a long run.  Good idea as I slept so well and woke up refreshed Saturday, but bad in that supper club went late Saturday night and I woke up Sunday with a sore throat and sore ears.  Oh well.  Got to feeling better later in the day, and it was fairly nice outside, so took G&A out for a run.  It was very nice in the sun, so long as you were guarded from the gusting winds.  But it was nice to be out in shorts and long sleeves.  Ended up running 7 miles in 1:05.  Not too shabby for pushing the wind break on wheels (double jog stroller).  Only problem was around 4.5 miles the hammy started letting me know it was there.  The last push north (into the wind) of about a .5 mile was fairly rough.  Before the run, I was thinking about going for another bit after I dropped the kiddos off.  That idea was 86’d.  We’ll see how the 1/2 goes next weekend.  Don’t know if I’ll be doing speed work this week.

Mon. am got back on the bike.  30 min 9.05 miles.  Then on the the stretch machine and into the pool.  Swam 2 X 250M.  Felt pretty good, fairly effortless and a little fluid.

Was going to run some this am, but we were baking bread until 10:45 last night, followed by feeding the kiddos.  Which resulted in not getting to sleep until after midnight.  Factor in another feeding at 4:30 am, and 6am was not happening.  So it will be basketball tonight.