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Tues-pilates/run; Wed-Bike/Swim; Thurs-run

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

So B-Ball was canceled Tues night, so Carrie and I did Baby and Me pilates.  Or should I say attempted to.  We didn’t have a lot of time before G&A’s bedtime, so we decided to do one session for us, and the baby massage section for the kiddos.  (I know, lucky them, right?)  So we (Carrie) chose the session that targets the belly.  Wow, it was intense.  Much balancing of babies on your legs while doing poses.  I think we both were panting and rolling in pain before the 15 minute session was over.

Then I felt the need to get a little run in, even though I was supposed to do some track work.  So I headed out w/ the dog for 3.2 miles.  Nothing special, but didn’t really feel any pains in the hammy.  Good signs.

Wed. AM got up to hit the Y and the cycle.  Did 30 min. and got 9.10 miles.  Slowly, but surely making in-roads on speed.   Stretched and finished with 2X 250M freestyle in the pool. Felt good and smooth, even though I was lapped after 15 laps by the guy next to me.

This AM I decided to do part of the RLRF plan and see how the hammy reacted.  Was supposed to be 5 miles at mid tempo (8:25/mi.).  Decided to do one mile warm-up followed by 4 miles at mid-tempo.  Warm-up went well, and the running was fine, except for the wind.  The first tempo mile was into a headwind of 20+ mph with gusts in the 30+ range.  The rest of the tempo was with a cross wind.  Ended up cutting the tempo and run a little short.  Finished 3.5mi. at tempo and kept them around 8:20/mi.  Total run was 4.75 mi.  Was feeling a bit of pain in the hammy, but nothing too strong.  Stretched it out and it was feeling better.

We’ll see how it goes for the 1/2 on Sunday.  I’m thinking 1:45 as a goal is not too far off from a possibility.  I think I’ll set the Garmin to pace for that and see how it goes.