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Fri AM bike/swim

Friday, February 8th, 2008

Decided to do a little cross training today, and include some stretching.  Hit the bike for a quick 30 min spin.  Got to 8.95 miles for the period.  Felt good, and didn’t hurt the hammy at all.  Then hopped on the stretching machine.  Just a great stretch and felt much better for the rest of the day.  Finished it off with 2 X 200M in the pool.  Almost didn’t but I had already donned my tri-shorts, so why not.

I saw a great post a few days ago about helping motivate ones’ self to exercise, especially in the morning.  When you have a doubt about doing exercise do something that will help it make sense.  The 2 examples the author used was:

  1. If you want to swim in the morning, and usually shower at night before, just don’t shower the night before.  That way when you awake, you’re going to be getting wet, so why not make the most of it and swim also.
  2. If you are having reservations about running at night, or anytime, and thinking about skipping it, eat a gu, or your energy source of choice.  Now that you’ve had that, you feel pretty silly going to sit on the couch.  Get up and go.

So this morning I purposefully wore my tri shorts to ride the bike, knowing that once I got them dirty, there was no use in not swimming in them as they already needed to be cleaned.  And yes, I showered off prior to swimming.