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Sun. Run and Mon Am Swim

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Grammy and Grandpa were in town for the weekend, so I kind of blew off the long run Saturday AM.  We went for a walk Saturday afternoon, probably around 2.5 miles.

Sunday I decided to get in a decent run before the Big Game.  Went out for 5 miles.  Quick pace, averaging 8:15/mile for a total of 41.11 for the full 5 miles.  Got Nike+ to sync finally so I calibrated the sensor yesterday for the first .5 miles.  It is still off giving me 4.27 for the last nearly 4.5 miles.  Not sure how far off since I didn’t stop running while finishing off the calibration and switching to basic mode.  So it might be even closer.

Wanted to bike and swim this morning, but I was wide awake last night and the kiddos got up 2x’s in the middle of the night, so I slept in a bit and got the the Y with time enough for a swim only.  Put in 650M free.  Intended to hit 750, but I was spent.