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Run and Swim

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Was planning to get back on track w/ RLRF today.  Was being the key there.  We had some vicious winds blow in yesterday, and they stuck around for today as well.  At 6:15 it was 30F with sustained winds around 20mph, gusting higher.  Not exactly the weather to get out for a track workout.  Maybe I’m turning into a pansy, but I decided to switch the schedule and do a tempo run inside on the dreadmill.  Then I forgot my training log, and had no idea how far I was supposed to go.  Things were not looking good for a successful run.

But I pushed onward and got on the ‘mill, turned up some tunes and took off.  Warmed up for .75 miles and pushed it to 8:20/mile for a mile.  Was not feeling a good vibe at all.  Couldn’t get into a rhythm with my stride, so I dropped the next mile down to 8:40/mile.  Still not feeling it,  and my right leg began to give me some weird twinges.  Decided to cool down for .25 and call it a run with 3 total miles.

Stretched and headed to the pool.  The swim felt great.  I concentrated on relaxing and breathing (out under water and in out of water) and on getting my arms out and into a bent position smoothly.  Swam 2 X 200M free with 2X 100M breast between.  My arms are definitely sore now.  Still feeling those paddling muscles.