Thurs. AM Tempo

Back on track with the RLRF marathon program. This am was tempo work. Six miles total, 2 warm-up, 3 at short tempo pace and 1 mile cool-down. Decided to run outside, it was only 30F and a light breeze, but I appreciated it once I got up to speed.

Went to the Y to run as the roads around there are relatively empty and there is a great straight stretch of blacktop sidewalk of almost a mile and a half without having to cross streets. First 2 miles (9:25/9:29) were a bit faster than the program calls for, but I seem to have a problem running around 9:50/mile. The short tempo for my goal is 8:10/mile, so I sped it up. The first two miles at tempo actually felt good, but by the 3rd I was getting spent and having a bit of pain in my right thigh. (more on this later). But I finished the 3 miles relatively strongly, and near the target speed (8:05/8:13/8:02). Then a cool-down. Didn’t quite get a full mile, had mis-judged my distance back to the Y. So I ended up with .76 mile cool-down at 9:15/mile pace. Total for run was 5.76mi in 50.16.

Bonus in Nike+ was very accurate with this run. Got 5.65mi in 50.08 min. Plus I got to hear LA congratulate me on my longest run. Two milestones in a row. Speed work on Tues ended with Tiger giveing me props for my fastest mile time yet recorded.

Went inside the Y to stretch. I’m really digging the Stretching unit the Y has. I know I can do most of these stretches on my own without the equip, but for some reason they really do feel deeper on the machine. I plan to continue using it after my runs/bikes at the Y.  Finished the workout with 10 minutes on the rowing machine.  Wasn’t in the mood to swim.

As for the pain in my upper leg, I think I may have a slight strain of my hamstring. Based on a quick diagnosis here and here, I believe that is what the pain is. It is in the back of my leg, beginning slightly below my groin and continuing to the back of my knee, definitely on the inside ,and not on the outside which would indicate IT Band. It began after Tuesday’s track work, but I thought it was just soreness from the speed, but came back today. According to the CoolRunnings site, hammy injuries can arise from sloped running surfaces, generally on the “shorter” leg which has to work harder. The track at the Y is banked and on Tuesday we were running clockwise, so my right leg was the inside or shorter leg. Could be coincidence, but I’m guessing not. So, I’m going to rest, ice, wrap and elevate tonight and take some ibuprofen to reduce any probable swelling. Should be back on track for a long run maybe Sat, but probably Sun.

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  1. jank says:

    Doc – you got Tiger? I’ve only heard LA and the fast english woman – Paula Radcliffe.