Friday Swim

Hit the Y a little bit late this morning.  G&A have been waking up frequently during the night, lately, and the sleep for myself and Carrie has not been the best.  Hopefully its that we’re transitioning them out of their swaddles and into “sleep sacks”, and that it will get better quickly.

Anyway. Back to the Y.  Was planning to bike and swim, but only had time to do one, so I swam.  Pretty good swim.  I went looking for some swimming tips yesterday and found one regarding breathing.  I’m not very relaxed in the pool and breathing always seems so forced and difficult.  Found suggestions to relax and trying breathing out under water and only in when the face is up.  So I focused on that and it seemed to be a bit better.  Still not comfortable per se, but I’ll keep working on that.

Actual workout was 3 X 200M free and 1X100M breast.  The breast was much more difficult than the free.  Probably because I haven’t been practicing it.  I think I’ll throw it back into the mix each workout to try and keep those muscle groups in the mix.  Another suggestion I found was alternating kinds of strokes as they each use different muscle groups.

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