Follow-Up w/ Ortho & Strep, Oh My

So this week was shot as far as exercise goes.  Woke up Saturday am with an itchy throat, which seemed to get worse overnight and by Monday I was ready to head to the Doc.  Went in and confirmed I had strep throat.  Got some antibiotics and some great gargle with numbing properties, similar to the stuff the Dentist sprays in your mouth to numb it before giving the big shots.  Good stuff.  Took all day off from work on Tuesday.  I’m feeling better, but still not 100%.  Was going to out (run, as in actually outside) this morning, but it was 38F and my throat was scratchy when I got up at 6am, so I went back to bed.  One more day won’t do anymore damage.

Went back to the Ortho yesterday, as I’m still having pain in the back of my knee.  He looked at it manipulated it and ordered an MRI.  Got off the phone with the MRI lab not long ago and am set to see them next Wed.  The Doc did say that since taking it easy for 3 weeks, especially with the anti-inflammatory, didn’t clear it up, something is wrong in the knee which only the MRI would be able to locate, absent getting in there with a scope, which is the next logical step if the MRI finds something.  But he did say to get back out and try running to see if the old pain returns in full (all the way up the inner thigh), or if it stays in the back of the knee.

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  1. bank says:

    sorry to hear ’bout the knee troubles, li’l bro. I’ll fetch beer for you when I’m down.