Friday night I needed to test the legs and run out some of the flu shot.  This year’s was not nearly as bad as the last two years.  Didn’t really have much of the side effects.  Just a little joint pain and some sore throat, but was pretty well over it by Friday evening.  The kiddos spent the afternoon sleeping on the couch in my office.  Afterward, they got passed around the office for a while and were worn out by the evening and went down relatively well.  Went for an unspectacular 3 miler.

Agreed to run with A&D on Saturday am.  We left at 7am sharp.  It was misting and very much overcast.  Not terribly cold when we headed out.  As we proceeded and ran through a few wet spots and the feet got damp and then wet, and the wind picked up it was a tad chilly.  We ran around Norman and didn’t encounter much by means of hills, but I was beat.  I turned for the car a little over 8 miles into it and still had 2.75 give or take.  It was a pretty rough finish.  It was straight into a head wind, and it felt to be getting colder.  Ended up stopping in a circle K with .75 left to get some poweraid as I was out of water and gu.  That gave a much needed boost and I finished strong.  Finished with 11.5 miles.  So for the record I ran more than a half marathon in less than a 12 hour turnaround.

It was amazing how much more difficult it was to run on my own after 8 great miles with A&D.  Must have something to do with not wanting to be the weak link.  But I didn’t have much left in the tank when I turned toward home.  Guess you could say they ran my pants off.

Immediately afterward I had an “active recovery” game of golf with a friend.  Walked 18 holes and actually played well after the first 4 holes.  And the clouds broke and the sun came out and it got warm.  Actually wished I had shorts on.

Sunday was a work day around the house.  Cleaned the garage to be able to pull my car in while Carrie cleaned the inside.  Afterward washed and waxed the cars.  They shine now.

One Response to “Weekend”

  1. jank says:

    Good job, little bro. I made it out for 10 this weekend – legs felt good.

    Missy’s on a tear – I think we’ve got OKC in April to try to get under 4:08, and my guess is that this fall she’s cracking 4:00, and possibly cracking 3:45.