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Friday, November 16th, 2007

So my little running buddy is a bit under the weather and has been sitting out most of my recent runs.  It started a few weeks ago when Boomer wasn’t keeping up pulling in front of me like usual.  Then he started limping a bit.  Now he is very tender in his rear left hip and yelps like mad if you touch it.  He also has resisted jumping up on our bed even when given the opportunity.

Our vet and running buddy D thinks it is probably hip dysplasia and he has had it since birth, but it is now getting to him.  She said he has some atrophy in his left leg muscle which is also a sign. He’ll be x-rayed next week to see for sure.  We’ll start with glucosamine today and hope that he gets some of the soreness out.  Prognosis is not great, but he should be able to go out for walks and short runs once it begins to feel a little better.

Here’s to man’s best friend, and my running bud Boom.

Strong 4.6

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Stayed true to my desire to run last night.  We had a nice cold front roll through Wed. night and it was cool all day Thurs.  By 7:15pm it was a beautiful evening.  No clouds in the sky, no breeze.  I felt good with fresh legs from a day off and decided to go a little farther than normal.  Ended up with 4.6 miles.  Had a could of good tempo stretches mixed in.

Afterward, loved watching the Ducks get squashed by Arizona.  Thanks Mike Stoops for helping brother Bob out.

On another note, today is OK’s 100th B-day bash.  Happy Birthday Sooner state, and many more to come.