So my little running buddy is a bit under the weather and has been sitting out most of my recent runs.  It started a few weeks ago when Boomer wasn’t keeping up pulling in front of me like usual.  Then he started limping a bit.  Now he is very tender in his rear left hip and yelps like mad if you touch it.  He also has resisted jumping up on our bed even when given the opportunity.

Our vet and running buddy D thinks it is probably hip dysplasia and he has had it since birth, but it is now getting to him.  She said he has some atrophy in his left leg muscle which is also a sign. He’ll be x-rayed next week to see for sure.  We’ll start with glucosamine today and hope that he gets some of the soreness out.  Prognosis is not great, but he should be able to go out for walks and short runs once it begins to feel a little better.

Here’s to man’s best friend, and my running bud Boom.

3 Responses to “Hip”

  1. Kerstin says:

    Man, doesn’t sound too good. I hope it’s not HD… Would be too bad! Keep us posted!!!

  2. ddb says:

    Sounds like you need Pascha to come and run with you. She can run like no dog I’ve ever met. 10 miles is nothing – of course she’s not done that is quite a while – at least not with a human, but on our regular 3-5 mile runs she comes home and tears around the back yard for a couple of hours before finding a soft spot to settle down. Seriously, Christine swears she has to find a new home before we move (even though she was the one who was ready for a new dog). Anyway, she would love having Boomer to play with and could probably take care of that cat problem you have!