Weekend runs

Good weekend.  Got up bright and early Saturday morning for a long run.  Was going to be on my own and wasn’t looking forward to it.  Wanted to hit double digits as that is the goal for long runs leading up to OKC.  So I set off and it was actually a pretty good run.  Headed out past the new stores in Norman that were built within the last year and a half.  The stretch of road they were built on used to be empty fields with little to no traffic for 2.5 miles.  So it was a great place to run and bike.  Being as I was up prior to the stores opening, there was still little traffic, but there was a ton more than there used to be.  My right hamstring began tightening up around mile 5.  Stopped and stretched it out, but it was tight the rest of the way.  Finished with 10.2 miles, walking the last .2 miles to cool down.  Ran with the forerunner to keep splits and kept them fairly even keel, fastest was 9:05 and slowest was 9:38/mile.

Ran past an odd phenomenon.  The medical center I ran past was having a drive-up flu shot clinic.  There were probably 100 cars in line, waiting to move up and get their shot.  I’m personally all for flu shots having gotten the flu 3 years ago and suffering for darn near 2 weeks.  It was the worst sickness I’ve ever had and I’ll gladly take the 1-2 days of after-affects from the shot.  But come on.  Sitting in a parking lot with the car running (for the majority, it was in the low 50’s after all and we need heat) for who knows how long to pull forward, instead of parking in a lot, not running the car, and walking 100 feet into a sterile (relatively) environment to wait for and get a shot.  Really?  We can’t get out of the car now?  The really sad part was that in the nearly 5 minutes that the situs was in my field of vision, I saw not one car pull out after receiving their shot, even with 2 lines of cars getting service at the same time.

Sunday I was still feeling a little tight so decided to run some of it out.  Went out for a quick 3.7 miles prior to dinner.  The first 1.5 were rough, one of those where I could feel every step and my legs felt like stone.  Capped it off with 1.5 mile walk with Carrie, G&A, Nana, Pop and the dogs.

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