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My tagger? Big Bro

5 Facts:

1. I was born in Austin, TX, but only lived there for 2 months, before returning later in life. I still consider Austin my hometown.

2. I piled up 194 hours of credit at two undergraduate schools (Centenary College and University of Louisiana at Lafayette) prior to graduating with one major and not minor. Took a while to figure out what I thought I wanted to do and then there were just so many interesting classes. Guess this is why I won’t will try to understand if G or A takes a year off after high school to figure things out.

3. I’m a huge fan of the Sooners, but will cheer on Texas any Saturday in the fall except that celebrated second Saturday in October. This stems from having a Grandfather who worked at UT for many, many years, a mother who attended UT, a wife with a Masters from there, and cheering for them, at least until they were the only law school from which denied my application.

4. I’m an avid whitewater paddler, mainly kayak, but some open boat as well. I try to get away to the rivers as often as is possible, but that is quite tricky. While I love the sport, it is a very frustrating endeavor to be involved in such a rain and weather dependent activity. Great Organization.

5. I love to cook and do a majority of the cooking for our household. I love to try new recipes and cooking styles and many days have the Food Network on my office tv in the background for the off chance of seeing something interesting to try. I love involved cooking, and not necessarily recipes that are the quickest. Point in fact, last week I made green bean casserole with homemade mushroom soup instead of out of a can. And I try to make all my own pie crusts.

My Tagees: A Walk, RivenDri, Cousin Kerstin, & the Bailies.

One Response to “Tagged”

  1. jank says:

    Mmmm, homemade pie crusts. Ain’t it lucky we had a mom who made let us cook?