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Ice Storm 2007 (part 2)

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

My favorite local newscaster (Rick Mitchell of KOCO News Channel 5) is all about sensationalism, and so am I.  Every time there is the tiniest chance of bad weather, it gets some crazy name that they use to refer to it for weeks on end during the newscast and on the bottom of the screen scroll.  Well the most recent weather event is Ice Storm 2007, but I’m pretty sure that moniker was used back in January/February 2007 when we were previously frozen.  For shame, I expect more from my sensational journalists.

Still, I’ll be watching every glorious minute of coverage, now that we have power after 2.5 days.  There’s nothing better than watching the on-the-scene reporters freezing their tails off to show a) ice accumulation in the last 10 minutes, b) Oklahomans still can’t drive on ice, or c) ice melts when it gets over freezing.

On a side note, I have gotten some runs in even with the inclement weather.  Best was Sunday night as the first wave rolled through.  It was a glorious 5.25 miler.  Nothing better than finishing a run with rain freezing to your jacket.


Tuesday, November 20th, 2007


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My tagger? Big Bro

5 Facts:

1. I was born in Austin, TX, but only lived there for 2 months, before returning later in life. I still consider Austin my hometown.

2. I piled up 194 hours of credit at two undergraduate schools (Centenary College and University of Louisiana at Lafayette) prior to graduating with one major and not minor. Took a while to figure out what I thought I wanted to do and then there were just so many interesting classes. Guess this is why I won’t will try to understand if G or A takes a year off after high school to figure things out.

3. I’m a huge fan of the Sooners, but will cheer on Texas any Saturday in the fall except that celebrated second Saturday in October. This stems from having a Grandfather who worked at UT for many, many years, a mother who attended UT, a wife with a Masters from there, and cheering for them, at least until they were the only law school from which denied my application.

4. I’m an avid whitewater paddler, mainly kayak, but some open boat as well. I try to get away to the rivers as often as is possible, but that is quite tricky. While I love the sport, it is a very frustrating endeavor to be involved in such a rain and weather dependent activity. Great Organization.

5. I love to cook and do a majority of the cooking for our household. I love to try new recipes and cooking styles and many days have the Food Network on my office tv in the background for the off chance of seeing something interesting to try. I love involved cooking, and not necessarily recipes that are the quickest. Point in fact, last week I made green bean casserole with homemade mushroom soup instead of out of a can. And I try to make all my own pie crusts.

My Tagees: A Walk, RivenDri, Cousin Kerstin, & the Bailies.

Spooky 4.1

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Not really spooky, but was nice to run past other people, even if their faces were covered. Went out in the midst of trick-or-treaters. Great weather, we had a cool front roll through yesterday afternoon and temps were into the 50’s by 7pm. Took off and say a ton of kids and rents in our neighborhood and thought I’d roll through some other neighborhoods which I figured would be full of T-or-Ters.

Was surprised that the hood I thought would have the majority of kids was almost empty and nearly all the houses had their lights off. For shame. I remember back in the day having a rare house that didn’t turn their light on, but that was a rarity. I would say that it is (at least in our area) now closer to a majority of houses with lights off. I guess it is a sign of the times: partially a sign of neighbors not being neighborly and wanting to crawl into their own house and be left alone, and partially one of the (overly) concerned parents not wanting their kids out accepting candy from strangers. I kind of understand this, but are there really that many more weirdos out there now than say 15-20-30 years ago? Or have we just been berated by the mass media and expansion of worldwide news coverage, so that every horrible event that would have been local news only 15 years ago is now national and in our face every second of the day?

Anyway. It was great to see so many families out walking with their kids, enjoying a beautiful evening. It made me feel good that I saw more walking parents than those driving behind in the suburban, stopping at every driveway. Way to go!

Finished with 4.1 and ran the majority at a tempo pace, with a few recovery stretches thrown in.

Hot and Humid 6 miles, and Revel Fun

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Ended up blowing off the Revel Run.  We got to Shreveport around midnight, and by the time we got the car unloaded and the kids fed, it was 1:30am or so.  To top it off they woke up wanting to feed again at 4am and didn’t get back to sleep until 5:45am.  Getting back up at 6:25 to get to the race just wasn’t appealing to me.  So I slept into until 9am and went for a 6 miler around Carrie’s parent’s neighborhood.  It was hot and humid and I didn’t take quite enough water.  Last 1.5 miles were extremely rough.  Finished in 56:50 min.

Then watched a GREAT Red River Rivalry. Great game.  Had us enthralled for the full game.

Made it to the Revel in time to catch part of the Trout Fishing set.  Good time.  Always love listening to those guys.  Went off to get some food before George Clinton and kept running into old friends.  That is always a fun thing when we head back to the ‘Port.  Even ran into Dionne who had run 20 miles that morning, as her last long run before she completes the Nike Womens Marathon in San Francisco in 2 weeks.  Couldn’t believe she was out wandering around the Revel after such a feat.  Eventually got some food and a couple beers, and some food into the kids and headed down to listen to some George Clinton.  It was a cool show.  Lots of energy and tons of people, both in the crowd and onstage.  Must be getting old as we spent most of our time listening from across the parkway from the stage as it was too loud.  Can’t let the kids go deaf I guess.  But it was cool.  Oh yeah, George Clinton was wearing a diaper, so G & A were not out of place at all.

Shreveport here we come!

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Why the exclamation point you may ask?  Well, it is probably my favorite time to be in Shreveport.  The Red River Revel is in full swing.  Great music and arts festival, and the city has done a world of good building the festival plaza and creating a very inviting and fun venue to hear all sorts of good music, eat various foods on sticks (and homemade authentic cajun dishes), and peruse interesting art.

Kind of last minute, but was looking over the music schedule and Saturday’s performers is can’t miss.  Local boys, Trout Fishing in America are on at 6PM and none other than the funkadelic master George Clinton himself hits the stage at 7:30PM.  How can you pass that up?  Hopefully, G & A will appreciate the intro to musical greatness they are about to witness.