Hot and Humid 6 miles, and Revel Fun

Ended up blowing off the Revel Run.  We got to Shreveport around midnight, and by the time we got the car unloaded and the kids fed, it was 1:30am or so.  To top it off they woke up wanting to feed again at 4am and didn’t get back to sleep until 5:45am.  Getting back up at 6:25 to get to the race just wasn’t appealing to me.  So I slept into until 9am and went for a 6 miler around Carrie’s parent’s neighborhood.  It was hot and humid and I didn’t take quite enough water.  Last 1.5 miles were extremely rough.  Finished in 56:50 min.

Then watched a GREAT Red River Rivalry. Great game.  Had us enthralled for the full game.

Made it to the Revel in time to catch part of the Trout Fishing set.  Good time.  Always love listening to those guys.  Went off to get some food before George Clinton and kept running into old friends.  That is always a fun thing when we head back to the ‘Port.  Even ran into Dionne who had run 20 miles that morning, as her last long run before she completes the Nike Womens Marathon in San Francisco in 2 weeks.  Couldn’t believe she was out wandering around the Revel after such a feat.  Eventually got some food and a couple beers, and some food into the kids and headed down to listen to some George Clinton.  It was a cool show.  Lots of energy and tons of people, both in the crowd and onstage.  Must be getting old as we spent most of our time listening from across the parkway from the stage as it was too loud.  Can’t let the kids go deaf I guess.  But it was cool.  Oh yeah, George Clinton was wearing a diaper, so G & A were not out of place at all.

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