Basketball & 2.3

Tuesdays have become my basketball night once again, so long as I can help get the kids down before I leave.  Which (knock on wood) has been happening.  So last night got the kiddos down and was there in time to shoot for teams.  Played 3 games in just over an hour.  No one wanted to play another, and I felt like I still had some in me.

So I decided to head out for a quick run.  Put in 2.3 miles.  The last mile or so was not so fun.  I apparently had sprinted enough for the evening and my legs felt like lead.  And the cold front decided to come in a few hours early and so the last mile which was due north into the incoming front sucked.  The only plus side was that the cold air felt good. Finished up in time to get home to cut the animals nails before giving the kiddos showers.

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