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Weekend runs

Monday, November 5th, 2007

Friday night went for a short run to stretch the legs and get ready for Saturday am’s run.  Nothing special 2.5 miles around the neighborhood with the pup.

Saturday went out to the hills of east Norman with A&D to get some hill work.  Had great weather.  Clear skies and around 40 when we left. Watched the sun rise over the rolling hills.  Didn’t get attacked by any dogs.  Went 9.3 miles.  Felt great.  Surprisingly my legs were not killing me afterward, at least until later that evening.

My buddy Dave hooked me up with a ticked to the OU-ATM game.  So nice to get to a home game this year.  Great game with the Sooners winning easily and dominating the whole game and Jermaine Gresham setting a receiving record of 4 TD catches in a game.  ATM did look good when the band took the field at halftime, though.  Gotta love the military style marching band.  And moving on up in the BCS.  Up to 5 and the Big 12 north has teams in the top 6, so the Big 12 Championship should be a big boost.