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Turkey day and surrounding festivities

Monday, November 26th, 2007

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  We had a houseful and even more visitors in town.  We hosted Thanksgiving this year and G&A were baptized on Sunday.  Quite a great time of celebration.  But man is it tiring.  Ended up cooking less than what I was expecting to as sisters-in-law and moms came to the rescu.  Still made 2 pies, 2 birds and green bean casserole.  Roasted one bird in the oven with stuffing.  Marinated and grilled the other.  Both turned out tasty.  I like the grilled bird a whole lot more.  You can’t beat bird cooked over an open flame.

Knew it would be tough impossible getting a long run in this weekend, and that there was way too much good food floating around the house, so Turkey day am got up around 7:30 and actually ran out to get coffee as the shipment from Peets hadn’t made it in yet.  Turned that into 7.2 miles.  Averaged 9:20 and did the last 2 in sub 9 min/miles.  It was cold.  The low Wed night was around 26F and it was still frigid with a strong North wind blowing in.  Great run.  No traffic and no one else out there.

On Friday most of the crew went down to Pauls Valley to visit the pig farm in the afternoon, so I headed out again.  Got in just over 4.5 miles.  Again cold and windy.

Saturday didn’t run, but walked about 4 miles or so going to tailgating and Bedlam.  Great game and good to see Dave and Steph.   Thanks for the ticket and invite.  Boomer Sooner, lets beat Mizzou.

Last night did crunches and pushups. Good news is I didn’t gain anything over the long weekend.  Was able to hold steady.