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Monday Morning Swim

Monday, January 21st, 2008

I had planned to arise early and head to the Y for a swim prior to work.  Set the alarm for 6am.  Carrie woke me at 7:30 asking if I was planning on swimming or working today.  D’oh!  Apparently didn’t check to see if the alarm was on, only set for the right time.  Decided to head to the Y anyway and get to work a little late.

The swim was much better today.  Didn’t feel nearly as trying as Friday.  Ended up swimming 100M freestyle followed by 50M breast stroke 5 times.  Not nearly as sore afterward, but my arms were definitely tired.  Don’t know if it was the swim, or a combination of that and lifting babies all weekend.

May try a run this evening.  We’ll see.

And on the weight front, down to 208.8 lbs.  A little disappointed its not more, but my clothes are definitely looser, so I think I’ve been adding some muscle, but losing some fat.  Which is good.