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Weekend Run

Monday, January 7th, 2008

This was the 1st week for the 16 week OKC training program.  Haven’t officially planned out the training schedule.  Need to get to that this week to begin this weekend.  But I did get out and get a long run Saturday.  I slept in and went around 9:30am.  It was unseasonably warm, temps approaching 70F and a strong southerly wind.  The first 3 miles were horrible and I was completely overdressed for the temps.  The middle of the run went pretty smooth, and I could have easily gotten in another 5-6 if I wanted to (and had a chance to change into short sleeves and shorts).  Overall not to shabby, finished with 10 miles in a little less than 1:30 running time.  Nike + gave me 9.6miles.

Having problems uploading my runs to the Nike site.  Still working on getting the first runs uploaded.

Yesterday, we took a family walk.  Again, it was very warm, but not nearly so windy.  We didn’t even have to use the plastic shield to cover the kiddos.

And bonus Weighed in this am at 209.6, down 1.14lbs.  Woohoo!