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First Nike+ run

Friday, January 4th, 2008

And I need to calibrate it. Not too far off, but every little bit helps.

Went to the local running store to pick up the + kit between Christmas and N.Y. for the new Nano. The first unit wouldn’t recognize the sensor. Tried all of the suggested troubleshooting to no avail. Unfortunately, the store had some great (for their employees) hours over the holidays so yesterday was the first day I was back in Norman early enough to stop by and exchange. No hassle-walked in with the non-working unit and out with a new one.

Got it home, plugged it in, and voila it was cooking. Couldn’t wait to put it to use, but had to wait until after dinner. (Ummmm, $0.30 fajitas tacos dinner, Happy 30th B-day T.C.!)

Let the food settle and set out into the chilly evening. Strong south wind. Should have headed south, but went north instead. Finished in 28.58min and + registered 3.12 miles. Mapped it out this morning and got 3.32 miles. So I’ll try calibrating this weekend.

Tomorrow-long run.