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New Years commitments

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

So we were at Target yesterday picking up some bedding for our new king sized mattress, and they were having a sale on scales.  I’ve been hating ours for years, an old timey, spring-loaded piece that would vary in multiple pounds if moved an inch or so on the ground.  Not accurate at all.  So being a new year and new (or re-loaded) goals, we bought a new one.  Got it home and put it down.  Tested it with clothes on the make sure it worked.  Waited till this am to get the official starting weight for 2008.

211.4lbs.  Actually a little less than what I was expecting, so that’s good news.  And not too far off from what I’ve been hovering around on the old scale (which could tell me 208 and 213 at the same time, just stepping off and back on).

So the commitment is to drop into the 190’s.  No set date, but I’m thinking down to 200 by the Austin 1/2 marathon in late February, and 195 or so by OKC in late April.  Definitely doable.

Here’s how: 1)  I’m done with desert.  It is my nemesis and always has been.  No more.  We are through.  Its not you its me.  We just can’t keep going around like this.  If I need sweets animal crackers or lo/no-fat yogurt it is.  If you see me with those tasty Elvis PB cups, slap me.  (Okay, don’t slap me, but slap them out of my hand an/or laugh at me like Nelson).

2)  Watching out for fatty foods and avoiding them.  Simple enough.

3)  Run, run, run, walk, yoga, bike, paddle, swim.  Goal of some sort of physical activity at least 6 days a week.

4) Stay on top of blogging about the progress.

There you go.  Bring on the year.