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Newsletter: 4 Months

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

What a fun month!  We got to celebrate your first Christmas and got to do so with both sets of Grandparents, albeit at different times.  It was a very memorable first Christmas that I hope to always remember.  While you were not quite sure what was going on, you both greatly enjoyed looking at the shiny ornaments and bright lights of the Christmas tree.  It was a fun diversion to have in the house, and something you both enjoyed.

Grammy and Grandpa came up the weekend before to spend a few days with us.  We had a great time with them and got to enjoy a good 2 inch snowfall while they were here.

Then Nana and Pop showed up to spend the week of Christmas with us.  This included your first acting performance.  On Christmas Eve, the church has a family service where the Christmas story is acted out, and we were asked to play the Holy Family for the service, which included an inside portion followed by an outside live nativity scene, complete with a miniature horse, donkey, and numerous goats and sheep.  A got to play the part of Baby Jesus inside and we traded off so that G could play the part outside.  It worked flawlessly, except for poor Nana who got to put up with a screaming A inside for the second half while we outside with a happy G.  But you both were great while “on stage”.   Some of the more memorable moments were hearing a mom tell her child that Baby Jesus had a “nook” just like he did, and a couple of days later while out at Sams having a family comment that “look Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus’s shop at Sam’s, too!”

You are both developing so fast it is hard to keep track of what all you have learned to do in the past month.  This month you both have really found your voice and just love to experiment with how to make different sounds.  You seem so wowed that if you round your mouth or move your tongue, you can change the sound you are making.  And you both seem so happy and just love to laugh.  Once you start, its hard to get you to stop.  One funny instance was when Mommy and I were shopping for a new mattress A was being held by Mommy and just started cracking up laughing.  It was the first time you had done this for Mommy and she was so pleased she just lay on the bed for minutes listening to and prompting you.

G, you definitely enjoy shopping trips and are great on them.  We can count on you hanging out in your carrier in the stroller.  Everything that comes into your line of sight is so fascinating, that you will stay awake through your normal nap times just to look around the stores. You are also becoming a great sleeper and have very little trouble falling asleep and usually stay asleep much longer than your sister.

A, you are still into everything and full of energy.  You do not like to sit still and love to stand up on people’s lap.  You also are not very fond of sitting in your car seat for long periods of time, and usually end up squaking until you get held.  But you also figured out how to roll over from your back to your stomach!  And now we can’t put you down on your back without you immediately rolling over.  Its like you decided that lying on the back is for babies and you are not a baby anymore!

I look forward to all this month might bring.