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Lunchtime Friday run

Friday, January 11th, 2008

So we have dinner plans this evening so I decided to get a run in at lunch today. Freaking beautiful weather. Low 50’s not a cloud in the sky, only problem was a slight(10-15mph) wind out of the south. Didn’t know how far I wanted to run, but had an idea of 4 or so. Took off with the nano and went north from the office.

It was a great run. Shorts and long sleeves, but could have been in short sleeves had I packed them. Saw probably 10 other runners on my route, and everyone was grinning ear to ear. Finished in 40:46 and Nike gave me 4.32 miles, so a 9:25 pace. Mapped out to 4.73 miles, so actually clocked an 8:37 pace. Crazy thing was I didn’t feel like I was pushing it at all.

Tomorrow should be a longish morning run.

Oh yeah, did a session of yoga last night.  Still need to keep this up, my legs etal are extremely tight.