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I’m back

Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

Actually haven’t been gone, too far anyway.  Still moderately recovering from the trip to Shreveport.  We had a great time, other than a lack of sleep.  Got in a run Friday morning, somewhere in the 3.5-4 mile range with some decent hills thrown in.  Was meaning to hit the long run Saturday, but woke up very sore and tired, same for Sunday.  Didn’t get any other runs in during the trip, but did get some great food.  Got to hit up Superior Bar and Grill, Monjunis and Johnny’s Pizza.  Good stuff.

Got back to Norman at 12:45 in the am on Monday, got up and hit the pool for 5 sets of 100M free, 50M breast.  Felt good to get the legs pumping.  Hit the pool Tuesday am as well for the same workout.  Got to basketball and ran the equivalent of my track workout-1 full hour of near full on sprints.  And I was definitely feeling it this morning.

Today I was up and at the Y by 7AM for 30 min on the bike-random intervals for a total of 9.10 miles.  Followed it up with a swim.  Did one set of 100M free, 50M breast, followed by 400M free.  It was a great swim, something finally clicked.  I no longer feel as though I’m fighting each and every stroke and kick.  Today I finally found a rhythm and was able to get my breathing down where I didn’t feel like I was struggling.  It was a nice easy pace, equivalent to a conversational pace on a run.  Hadn’t been able to find that ever before.  Also focused on full torso rotation on both sides with smooth entry into the water.  Wow.

Don’t know what set it off.  Maybe cycling before, which left my legs a little our of it, so I wasn’t flailing my legs, or just focusing on form.  Plus I was sporting tri-shorts for the first time (sorry for the bad visual), and actually felt like I was slicing through the water as opposed to the drag of my conventional swim trunks.  Hopefully I’ll be able to replicate it again.