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Monday Run, Tuesday Yoga

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

On Monday I set out to get a good tempo run in.  Weather was supposed to be blowing into OK, but was predicted for the far NW corner and the East side of the state.  Didn’t realize a band of rain was blowing through Norman until I went outside already dressed, dog in hand, and Nano ready to go.  Wait a minute, the ground is wet, and the sky looks dark.  Oh well, on with it.  It was sprinkling as I left, and got a little heavier as I progressed.  Decided to keep going, but stay near the house.  As I was just about to take a turn for another loop, it really began raining, so I turned around and headed for the house.  Nike+ gave me 2.06 miles in 16:10 or so.  Mapped out at 2.25 miles.  Not too shabby, but really felt the legs and lungs in the last .5 or so.

Last night I intended to get a little longer tempo run, but the kiddos were not cooperating, still recovering from their 4 month shots.  When 10 pm rolled around and I still hadn’t gotten out, decided to do some Yoga for Paddlers instead.  Been a long time, but the burn felt oh so good.  Definitely need to add this back into the routine on a regular basis.