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3.5 miles, and SWIM!

Friday, January 18th, 2008

Was down in southern Oklahoma for work on Thurs and ended up getting back to the house a little earlier than normal (but had to leave a little earlier), and was able to get a run in before Carrie got home.  It was still cold outside, hovering around 35F, but the wind had died down and there was still sun light.  Couldn’t ask for better conditions.  Took the pooch with me as he had been inside all day.  We hit 3.5 miles in right around 26 minutes.  Nike + gave me 3.1.  Man I need to calibrate.  Hopefully this weekend.  Just need to get to a track, or map out .4K.

Then we got over and joined the Y.  Being the new year, the Y was running membership specials, and Carrie has been wanting to join for a while.  Plus they have child care!

So to make the most of it I got up bright and early and went for a swim for the first time in well over a year.  Probably closer to 2 years.  Swam  100M freestyle followed by 50M breast stroke 4 times.  What a great way to start the workday.  But I can definitely feel it all over my body.  I’m surprised at how much my legs felt the workout, I was trying to use more arms than legs.  And I got smoked by the lady next to me who was wearing a local university swim cap.  She looked to have secret fins or something.