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Weekend Runs

Monday, September 24th, 2007

Did get a run in Thursday night, but not remembering it at this time.  Wonder why.

Friday night I really wanted to go for a run, but we had an invite to watch the OU/TU game at some friends’ house, and Grammy and Grandpa offered to watch the kids. First time we left the babies at home an went out. It was nice. Good game and great to see some friends and focus on something other than poop and feeding.

Friday night George didn’t sleep much and I stayed up with him. Got in a couple of hours sleep in the wee morning hours, but was beat. Watched some football during the day and around 9pm decided to take the pup out for a run. Was feeling tired, but not dead. Headed out and put in 3.5 miles. Probably had 3.2 in me. The last .3 mile sucked. Was tempted to walk it in, but pushed through. Was beat afterward.

Saturday, George continued the non-sleeping, but I was able to sleep from 7am until noon. Repeated the 9pm starting time, but this time felt much better. The spring was in my step and I took the 3.7 mile loop. Felt good.

Just realized that the Dallas Half Marathon is a little over 2 mos away. Wow, I need to start some long runs. I think I’ll try to meet up with A & D this Saturday to get some mileage in.