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New Shoes and 3.5 miles

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Grandpa came back up to Norman for a visit and brought a new pair of kicks for me. Last time he was here I complement his Saucony Hurricane 8’s and told him that I loved that line. He informed me a store in San Antonio had them on close out for $35.00. Wow. So I asked him to snag me a pair if he was back down that way. And sure enough he did. Oh so comfy.

I’ve been alternating shoes since I was unable to find a good deal on a pair of Hurricanes last time I need new shoes. I have difficult feet and build for finding shoes as I need some cushioning, a touch of motion control, and some stability. The Hurricanes tend to provide all of this in just the right amounts.

When I couldn’t find a pair of H’s, or other suitable Saucony line, in my price range, I settled on the Brooks Beast, which is the first true “Motion Control” shoe I have ever purchased. It is a good shoe for controlling foot movement and is a very comfortable shoe. But, it is huge and feels like a weight on runs. I haven’t run a long run in these, but my mundane 3-4 milers are very comfortable, but kind of slow, and tend to make me feel like I’ve worked extra hard, almost like running through sand or grass.

To balance this feeling, and to get a distance shoe, I picked up a pair of Avia 2051’s at the running stores annual clearance sale. Never bought Avia for running before, but they are somewhat stability shoes and at $25-, the price couldn’t be beat. Gotta say I’ve been wonderfully surprised by these sneaks. They are well cushioned and have enough stability for my overpronation. They have a little lever built in that gives a great spring to the step. I feel like I’m flying in them and come back from runs with light legs. But I can’t run in them day after day. My ankles would kill.

But hurricanes, man. They are great.

Anyway, took out the new kicks and felt great. 3.5 miles 34 min.