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Six miles, and Hanging Half a Hundred (plus 29)

Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Decided to sleep in this am and not do the 6am run.  It has been relatively cool in the morning around here, somewhere in the lower 60’s, so I decided to wait a bit to run.  Went out around noon, after watching parts of the early college games.  Nothing too interesting, at least not being televised.

Decided to run by the stadium to check out the first tailgating of the season.  Good crowds, especially for a 6pm game, and especially for 85+ degrees, full sun and very little breeze.  Disappointed I didn’t see any of my buddies out though.  Ended up with 6 miles in 56.5 min.  Not too shabby.  Felt good enough to edge and mow afterward.

Got to watch the Sooners follow one of Barry Switzer’s favorite motivational speeches of hanging half a hundred on the opposing team.  Granted it was North Texas, but 79 is a lot of points to put on any Div IA school.  And it was a redshirt freshman starting at QB and a true freshman starting at running back.  Good nights for both.  Bradford set school records for passing yards by a QB in his first start, and had that on the first play of the second half.  Murray scored 5 rushing TDs. Very surprised, but glad to see the 2d string QB take all but one snap in the 3d Quarter, and 3d string QB take all snaps in the 4th Quarter.

Maybe it won’t be too bad of a year after all.  Big test next week when the U comes to town (Miami for you college football luddites).