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4 Miles and 2 Beautiful Babies

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Went for a four mile run on labor day around 7pm.  Nothing special.  Felt good, nice temps.

But it got even better.  Carrie woke me up at 1:30am Tues September 4, with her water having broken and she quickly progressed to full on labor.  At 5:11am 7lb 12oz. George Christian made was welcomed, and his little 5lb 5oz. sister Abigail Bess followed shortly at 5:31am.  Both babies were extremely alert and took to nursing quickly.

Carrie is a true champ.  It was the most extreme event I’ve ever seen.  With the help of our Doulas Karen and Erica and our fantastic midwife, Leeanna, Carrie met her goal of a natural delivery.  Wow, it was amazing and such a feat.  Check our family blog for further details and pics to follow shortly.